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Sophistry, self-help, and sales

When undergrads have Socrates week in their Ancient Philosophy class and they hear about the Sophists, they turn off because it’s such ancillary information. But look, from Wikipedia:

Many sophists specialized in using the tools of philosophy and rhetoric, though other sophists taught subjects such as music, athletics, and mathematics. I...
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Let me save you $1500

The takeaway from Landmark Worldwide courses is …context is decisive.

What does this mean? Well, if you “get it,” then you will be all powerful. The only reason people fall off the omnipotence wagon is they forget their complicity in every moment.

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Inventing value by increasing cost

Attention America. Have you ever suspected that some things are valuable merely because of the price? That a thing’s value might be nothing other than the perceived value created by its ridiculous price? If so, you have probably also supposed that this trick, which we might as well call price-invented v...

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Landmark in 60 Seconds Tech

Landmark in a nutshell

What is Landmark really doing?

Q: What is there to get excited about?

A: The possibility that you can HAVE definite excitement in your life.

About what? About the possibility of being excited.

The happiness that is sold in Scientology and Landmark is the excitement you feel about the possibility of being excited in the...

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The advanced Tech behind integrity

Being X is easier if you live in integrity after you oath it. Pure positing, which is how some interpret the Law of Attraction, is not efficacious.

Positing is helpful only if it (or there) is a power that pulls current Doing into Doing that generates the desired self Being....

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Landmark depends on dependence

If Landmark really loved you they would give you a mantra and make you say it. Take the goddamn Tech home with you.

So, for 98% of the participants, the benefit is a fleeting perception that never precipitates into a different (transformed) Being-Doing-Having.

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Accountability outsourcing: the darkest side of group-sustained motivators

Consider Scientology and its children:

(1952 – …) Dianetics/Scientology

(1968 – 1973) Mind Dynamics

(1974 – 1995) Lifespring

(1971 – 1984) est

(1985 – 1991) The Forum

(1986 – …) Avatar

(1991 – …) Landmark Worldwide

Consider that these cults are not useless. Their silly exercises work under certain conditions. That condition is o...

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The day Erhard got IT

It must have been something like this …

One day, while Erhard was firing up his sales staff, he really let himself go. He was lecturing at peak power. His listeners had fully opened to him and were being rebuilt in Erhard’s forge of zeal.

Suddenly, he realized that he was...

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Landmark: sales training as self-improvement

Erhard discovered that the training that makes you a great salesperson also makes you the chipper, confident, powerful, friendly, high functioning winner that you really want to be.

At first glance, it appears that the pitchman is promoting his product by praising it. But there is something else going on—the p...

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Landmark and magick

This is the joy of Landmark Worldwide, an organization that uses sales technique to program people to be successful. There’s a power flowing in the group—the impatient laser-affirmative intentionality of the pitchman. He believes in his product so much that spacetime warps around his head and you feel God warming ins...

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The secret about The Secret

I was thinking that I should learn to network like Dave Blue

Yes there are two paths you can go by:

  • Being X in the mind and in reality—One part of success is going around announcing yourself as a certain kind of person, with certain skills, in the midst of a group that agrees with you, that says “Yes! You are a gre...
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Your choices create your future.

Every moment is full of potential consider and choose.

Consider means sense, perceive, announce, compare, and reflect. To consider is to make a meaning in a context.

The next time you notice that automaticity is running you, what will you do? You might tell...

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Feel deeply and tell good stories: Vipassana-Landmark for writing

The attitude for writing well is the desire to be fearlessly honest about what is present and its deepest ground. The focal point for writing well is the horrible transparency present at every moment. Look into the heart-core of the horrible transparency present at every moment. Desire to be totally...

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The self: constructed as an existence-for others

The self that exists for any subject is the one that has been created for others. It is the self’s existence-for others that creates the public self. And this self is the one that the witness-consciousness, the self as subject of knowledge, relates to.

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We fall into possibility holding the lens of the past

We are falling into possibility yet we demand, from our very constitution, that the world cohere into intelligibility. Doing so superadds fictional necessity to a world that, in itself, is only bound by physical necessity. To this we add an additional layer of pseudo-necessity, a context of meaning and value,...

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Communication as counterforce to automaticity

What is the counterforce to impulse and automaticity? Nothing more than the “conversation”—i.e., sustained community practice. Being open to a healthy social reality makes you healthy merely by communicating inside it. Think of all the agreement that would have to be in place before you could converse with a fly. Conve...

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