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Pumpkin pie spice

I think it’s cute that humans endorse error of the pumpkin spice variety.

Pumpkins are not made of cinnamon, ginger, lemon peel, nutmeg cloves, and cardamom. Combine these, and you have pumpkin pie spice.

Even when there is no pumpkin.

The reason pumpkin pie tastes like it does has nothing t...

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I wish that all bedbugs died right now

All bedbugs. Dead. In one moment—all simultaneously die. If we gathered their corpses together into one giant sphere or cube, how large would that blob be? And how heavy? I solid ball of freshly killed bedbug corpses. If we pressed their crunchy bodies together so that all large (1 mm d...

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DIY: Superfood Powder

Recipe 1: The Mountain Climber

4 scoops Wheatgrass

2 scoops Barley Grass

2 scoops Spirulina

2 scoops Chlorella

2 scoops Hemp Protein

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