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Sauron and property law

Fara just wrote an essay on Sauron for her Tolkien and Morris class. The topic: Sauron and property law. And it got me thinking …

Who is Sauron really? Sauron represents the all-for-one without the one-for-all. Sauron is not just the corporeal Sauron, but thousands of friends—where friend here means gua...

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AC/DC: Important American Acid Fire

I just realized that AC/DC really is the official HELL band. They have “Highway to Hell” with Bonny Lad Scotty, and “Hell’s Bells” with acid throat Briany McJohnson. No other band at the time even had one hell song, except KISS, but the meaning of KISS-hell was the opposite of the Satan...

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I am the anti-god goddess.

Why I love cults

Why do I love cults? Why are the Hubbard, Rand, and Erhard organizations so damn fun for me? I mean, walking into Scientology is like walking into a brightly lit (sex) toy store. Or an incense and penis-candle filled occult book store. Promises of power and happiness everywhere!

Nothing is...

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Maybe it’s the face.

Why is smoking sexy?

But in the town it was well known when they got home at night … [that smoking is sexy].

Pink Floyd

As everyone knows by now, smoking conveys the essence of a kind of hardcore sexiness. People start smoking in order to look a certain way. Self-destructive is the b...

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The Innocents (1961) and the dead-end of lust-resentment

Feel what others feel!

Put yourself in others’ shoes!

Familiar but underappreciated.

It’s in the movie The Innocents.

At 1:02:20–59, the new governess and protagonist (Miss Giddens) nearly swoons at the mere thought of lust-based involuntary suicide. She was just told the story about how the previous governess (Miss Jessel) commi...

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The friend business

Just met a bunch of converts to Camp No Counselors.

The social world is now being app-ified.

Men’s groups, authentic relating groups, life-party think-healthy groups, Law of Attraction groups. And outside here are four people who just met at this camp. “No phones allowed!” they tell me, wide-eyed with surprise at su...

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Admiration is the gold standard of value. It is the determinant of the highest pleasure.

Admiration is spontaneous, gut-level love but going outwards as a bath that wants to be seen as a giving-up of life-force to another as a gift of genuine love.

Of all the pleasures the monkey...

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Many minds controlling one embodied brain. Such a being was spotted in Austin.

A real-life borg girl

CSH: Heidi was talking about a girl who was outside that was on the phone with a team of people watching and texting her. And my thought was, “The reason this is repulsive is we think that a normal human is a body with a single unitary will. So when y...

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Before you die, become a hypertext object

We are born into this world with a communications problem. On the one hand, I seem to posses an inner self. I take my self to be deep, interesting, and all-important. Which is the same thing as saying that I want my self to be valued and loved by others....

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The problem: other people

The things that hurt us the most in this life are usually people. Over time, we develop a grudge against others. Unless we are talking about on-duty service industry employees, strangers generally arise as threats.

I am guilty of already being mad at you when I first meet you. And...

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Why is the Borg Collective scary?

It’s amazing that a group of people can “exist” as a single person. The whole Borg idea really does have a disturbing feature, one that hurts us to consider. What would it be like to be a member of One Borg Mind?

What is most startling is that if you were ...

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Culture: the strongest placebo

How to choose among competing worlds; that is, competing cultures; that is, competing placebos?

The distinctions—the linguistic conventions and categorizing practices—that carve up my world and populate it with identities are already placeboic. Things are what we say they are, and every view is true, to some degree—i.e., to the degre...

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Wear a meme, become instantiated plurally

CSH: The easiest way to get rid of the anxiety of separation and isolation from other people is to adopt a familiar persona. There is a repository of very well-known personae that you can try on—i.e., the fictional characters of television and film. Here you will find a well-known glossary o...

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Lovely Candle Cove fan art!


Scaring people is fun. And scaring people with scary stories is really fun—because you get to create fake facts and tell with with a straight face. But scaring people with outlandish or impossible stories is really, really fun. It’s more fun because it requires better acting and the ability to kee...

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