Let me save you $1500

The takeaway from Landmark Worldwide courses is …context is decisive.

What does this mean? Well, if you “get it,” then you will be all powerful. The only reason people fall off the omnipotence wagon is they forget their complicity in every moment.

OK. Here’s the $1500 Super Insight. There is no awareness or meaning without prior linguistic (or linguistically executable) fabrication.

You cannot approach sensation empty handed and walk away with presence. Presence has its ground in your own making. Unmade presence is not present.

This is the secret lesson of hypnosis, by the way. The “unconscious” agent is action without presentability. Studies have shown that the failure to retrieve is actually a solemn refusal, that the seeming buriedness is actually a promise not to try to retrieve. The “action” on the hypnotic patient is really a speech act by the patient:

I hereby agree not to recall my command (in addition to whatever else the hypnotist told them to forget). I will not try, yet I will say I do. I will block out by covering it with a promise to never look again. I can know I made a promise, and I also promise not to remember the content of the promise, since this would bring the occluded to mind.

The Landmark breakthrough is that experience is always prefabricated. Our storytelling is always already running. Our story is sweeping the disconnected events into destiny, or telos, or lawfulness.

When you realize that all-this-here-right-now is fabricated by compulsive resistance and imposition of because, you are free. And lasts for about 0.5 to 3 seconds. Compulsively meaning-ready. Nothing isn’t covered by the model. That is the great revelation. Now sit inside a community that concretizes it through agreement and give it social reality.

That is your preferred tribe. It exists right now. It’s called Landmark Worldwide. But it costs a lot of money and time to be a member. Well, comparatively it’s not a lot. But it’s got hundreds of volunteers. And the paid employees (except for the high-level course leaders) make jack and work 12 hour days.

So it exists. It wants to grow, like the blob, and engulf the planet. It shares with Scientology, its root along with Mind Dynamics sales training, the belief that its liberating product high the highest, or spiritual, value and “should” be spread and become the new human default norm. Which makes it a religion, cult, culture, or nation. Our way is best because it is ours.

But the product, Context is decisive, is good. But the social reality that buoys the client is bad. A world of high social achievement status is also a world of low actual achievement.

Read the sad truth here:


Admiration retards achievement

Gollwitzer, Peter M., Sheeran, Paschal, Michalski, Verena & Seifert, Andrea (2009). When Intentions Go Public: Does Social Reality Widen the Intention-Behavior Gap?. Psychological Science, Vol. 20, No. 5, 612-18.

So that’s problem (1)—Being inside an unconditionally affirming and identity approving community of trained friends gives you automatic and undeserved reward experience that prevents you from actually being that identity.

Here is problem (2)—The joy of having the Super Insight is very strong but does not last. In fact, it evaporates after 48 hours.

But the experience is there. And it is strong enough to get you to pay $900 more dollars for the Advanced Course.

Why is it so strong? The Super Insight has greater impact due to:

  1. The duration of the “training”—14 hours, three days in a row.
  2. The fact of universal agreement, which weights any fact with additional reality.
  3. The fact that you now belong to a club.

Anyway, you can invoke the Super Insight right now, for a few seconds. For $600, you can invoke it for 48 hours.