The day Erhard got IT

It must have been something like this …

One day, while Erhard was firing up his sales staff, he really let himself go. He was lecturing at peak power. His listeners had fully opened to him and were being rebuilt in Erhard’s forge of zeal.

Suddenly, he realized that he was, in that moment, a true magus. I am positive that LRH had many moments like this. At some point the magus sees how powerful he is in the listening of the other person. He sees that the other has given herself to him, believes in him fully, and has voluntarily replaced her self with his.

We are talking about therapeutic seduction. We are talking about hypnosis—falling in love and opening to another will, clothed as a voice, and letting it come into you, replace your core, and be agent over your body. Possession, in other words. Or hypnosis.

Seduction, therapy, counseling, confession, hypnosis, merging, , and love all have this in common—one self sees that the most important thing in the world is being a self for another self and acts on it by yielding.

Erhard got inside of them and remade them into master pitchmen. His magickal faith placebo-commanded them onto a higher plane of self-confidence. He saw how create super-confidence and self-mastery in himself, and how to reliably produce it in others. He saw the premises that allow one to be born again, or transformed. These premises became the axioms of est.

What Erhard discovered was that faith can be planted in people. Back in the olden days, faith meant baseline trust. Nowadays it means an intentional act of confidence employed in the service of improving magickal efficacy generally. Evangelical Christianity today uses faith in this modern self-help sense. They’re on board with the whole magickal, self-help, and human-potential revival that started in the 1930s—human agency is basically magickal and personal power can be increased merely through the power of belief.

Erhard realized that sales coaching is the best general fix for all of life’s problems. He saw that exhorting his staff not only made them better sellers, it made them winners.

You love this product and your love matters because you are a winner! Show the potential customer that you are a winner by actually being a winner. Anything a winner loves is attractive, and winners love our product. Our product fills people with life and joy. Be actually full of life and joy. Don’t fake it—be it. Be a winner … and be that anything is possible.

Erhard realized that his sales training was more than just performance molding. It was an act of actual character creation. He saw that he was a leader, a placebo that could speak himself and his staff into existence. And then it occurred to him that the very idea of placebo-speaking is itself a product that can be sold. In Landmark speak, he realized that “he was that there is” a valid magickal and therapeutic element in sales coaching which itself can be sold.

Power is assumed and lives inside agreement. Landmark sells the act of selling, which is the magickal act of all magickal acts.

The pitchman is trained to be a great person in the listening of others. Pulling this off means being a great person in reality.