Landmark: sales training as self-improvement

Erhard discovered that the training that makes you a great salesperson also makes you the chipper, confident, powerful, friendly, high functioning winner that you really want to be.

At first glance, it appears that the pitchman is promoting his product by praising it. But there is something else going on—the pitchman is also presenting himself as a beautiful object. The pitchman makes himself into a winner in order to sell the product. This, by the way, is the explicit Tech of Landmark’s Introduction Leaders Program (ILP). To sell a product that fixes your life, you must yourself be evidence that the product works.

The best testimonial is being. In Landmark, this means being the effect of the training, which is the real product you are selling. The potential customer knows that if the product is good, you will be a winner. Normally, the pitchman presents herself as a winner because products promoted by winners are win-promoting products: “If Scott is a winner, then what Scott promotes is good.” Here, being a winner is a sufficient condition for the product having high value.

In Landmark, interestingly, being a winner is a necessary condition for the product having high value. Since what Landmark is selling is a new self, if the self of the pitchman isn’t perfect then we know that the product lacks high value.