Category: Space and consciousness

Why is my consciousness local?

After taking LSD or MDMA or psilocybin, or after having a mystical or oceanic experience, the silly and hackneyed Who am I? question is replaced with another, more prescient one:

Why is my consciousness local?

Why is this (my) consciousness local?

Why is this (my) consciousness stuck in here and...

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Welcome home.

Rigid emptiness from diagonals

CSH: Fara was talking about 1423—the year perspective was discovered in the early Renaissance. And then how this particular illustration (below) shows you the invisible grid that supports the three-dimensionality and the depth of the object. That invisible grid is always running in the imagination. The imagination is pre-permeated with t...

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Can we contextualize 3-space without demoting it?

In most mystically inspired metaphysics, the physical universe is a fake, shallow, low-level, or otherwise inferior grade reality (e.g., Plato’s cave, Jewish fallenness, Descartes’ dream). The idea is not only that 3-space is less than the real, but also in some way detached from it.

How would your quality of lif...

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Is consciousness pervaded by the Urgrund?

Consider the understructure of the universe. Whatever this is, it pervades the whole of spacetime and everything within it. Now, realize that it must pervade consciousness as well. The understructure of matter and consciousness is also present in matter and consciousness. The container pervades the contained.

On DMT and Salvia,...

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Time and consciousness

CSH: When consciousness identifies itself with the sensation of corporeal solidity … Think about what it’s like being a solid. You think your body/consciousness is solid. But you know that the solid is constantly passing away in time. That’s fantastic.

How deeply does this passing-out-of-existence cut? Your very substance is actua...

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The bounds of space are the bounds of consciousness

Visual awareness produces a supreme weirdness: “I,” the subject of awareness, seems to pervade the whole space presented by (and, we will see, identical with) my visual field. I can generate a relaxed, non-specific visual awareness and put my attention on how my awareness occupies every (x, y, z) subject to my a...

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Poem: Self against space

Experience is a hybrid being,

an accumulation of all history as subject

meeting an accumulation of all history as object.

A person is a convergence of ALL into a subject,

poised against all of space,

looking outwards at it from some (x, y, z),

always center,

opposing the whole universe....

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