Greetings computer-human hybrids! My name is Scott Heftler and I am a writer who lives in downtown Austin, TX. I am the developer of BoxPress and the author of the first fully mathematical interpretation of Kant’s First Critique.

I received my PhD in philosophy from the University of Texas, and a Bachelors in psychology from Duke.

My intellectual interests include Vipassana, Early Modern philosophy, Madhyamika, historical Christianity, the Frankfurt School, and Kant’s theory of syntax-driven constructive metaphysics.

My obsessive interests include the social constructedness of desire and belief, the mind-body problem, and the endless mysteries of physicalism.

Due to my seven-year struggle to write my dissertation without Copy, Paste, and Find, I also have an obsessive interest in computer-aided writing, outlining, mind mapping, visual synopsis, and hypertext export. I am particularly enamored with Tinderbox and emacs.

I also have an inane interest in cults. I am utterly fascinated by social placebos like Scientology and its sales-training based offshoot, Landmark Worldwide. These businesses claim that you can reengineer your character by marinating yourself inside a group of method actors who have been trained to language you (and all of reality) in a certain way and inside a specialized vocabulary. My dream is to make a purely scientific self-help system that actually works because its interventions have all been verified by randomized double blind placebo control studies. Why doesn’t someone gather all the interventions that actually work into one integrated system? There is a big market for such things.

In my spare time I perform Middle Eastern and style weird music on an open-tuned 12-string guitar—and psychedelic rock on a PRS electric—and do stand-up comedy. I’ve been running a kombucha microbrewery out of my kitchen since 2010. Real Research Kombucha™ is by far the strongest and best-tasting ginger kombucha available, but is only sold on the Drag across from UT campus.

My banana pancakes have been voted Best in World for the last nine years by everyone who has tasted them.

If you have any BoxPress questions or requests that fall outside of community participation in the Tinderbox Forum you can email me at scott.mapself@gmail.com.

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