Inventing value by increasing cost

Attention America. Have you ever suspected that some things are valuable merely because of the price? That a thing’s value might be nothing other than the perceived value created by its ridiculous price? If so, you have probably also supposed that this trick, which we might as well call price-invented value, being prima facie evil, might be occluded as an embarrassing secret.

Well, here it is, on display, in the open. Not only in the open, but surreally sold as a means of actually creating value. This pitchman tells us, with a straight face, that because the client believes the object has high value, the client experiences this value.

Charge price P for object O.

The client, who pays P for O, will believe that O is actually worth P.

Therefore, the client receives this value, because value is nothing but subjective expectation to begin with.

Here is the transcript (2:03–3:17):

You earn more money. You gain important credibility in the marketplace, and you stand out from other businesses that are literally racing to the bottom of the market by offering low or middle-of-the-road pricing.

And by the way, that’s the majority of businesses.

But it won’t be you. When you go premium, instead of haggling with you, your clients will be asking themselves very different questions. It would no longer be,

“Can I afford it?”

which I know you don’t want to hear. It will be,

“Am ready to step up to truly have what I want?”

And that is a very different question, that you clients will be asking of themselves. And that, in and of itself, will help you clients have transformation. And I have seen this kind of experience with clients over and over again. And I want to have this kind of miraculous experience with your clients as well.

Knowing how transformational going premium truly is, and the fact that I’ve had a lot of experience teaching this material to hundreds of past private clients, that is why I decided that I’m gonna step up, and step up in a much bigger way to help business owners like you be a lot more successful creating and filing premium packages.

And here’s the video:

Slimy trick or exploitable fact about placebos? You decide!