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Wikipedia: a new intellectual pleasure

A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Wikipedia.

So much WIN, so quickly.

Nothing beats scrolling to the end of a Wikipedia article and seeing the current concept alongside its siblings inside a higher category.

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Is prototypal inheritance unsurpassable?

Think of it as being identical to Microsoft Word styles. You name a paragraph as being a certain style. And then when you change the setting of the style, every paragraph that has that style’s name is changed. Will there ever be a better system than this?

The trend in s...

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The Tinderbox scattering effect

Not a good thing. Or is it? Tinderbox invites you to write in short bursts and then scatter. The note is a fragment, a piece, and backgrounded—perhaps by being “minimized” to a mere DisplayName in one of the views. In any case, it’s not like writing on a scroll, as in a wo...

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