The New BoxPress

You have spent considerable time and effort cultivating your idea ecosystem. You have ordered and subsumed your notes in Outline View into a proper essay or article. Perhaps you have linked and beautified them inside of Map View into an attractive visual synopsis.

Unless you have the time to build your own export system from scratch, all the beauty and complex interconnectivity you have crafted inside of Tinderbox will stay inside of Tinderbox.

What if you could export all that goodness with a single click? Not an ordinary export, but one that preserved and even enhanced all the structural sophistication of your TBX?

What if export styling could be managed WYSIWYG fashion using Tinderbox notes (which you may have noticed are perfect for wire framing)? And what if you could manage the page frame, layout, and granularity of your export via popup menu? And what if you had an arsenal of macros that let you embed anything?

That day has finally arrived.

Welcome to BoxPress—an export system as intelligent and flexible as Tinderbox.

Welcome to export heaven

Tinderbox’s missing export system


Download BoxPress