Accountability outsourcing: the darkest side of group-sustained motivators

Consider Scientology and its children:

(1952 – …) Dianetics/Scientology

(1968 – 1973) Mind Dynamics

(1974 – 1995) Lifespring

(1971 – 1984) est

(1985 – 1991) The Forum

(1986 – …) Avatar

(1991 – …) Landmark Worldwide

Consider that these cults are not useless. Their silly exercises work under certain conditions. That condition is opening your self in dependency on a business.

This is the Age of Accountability Groups.

We are aware now, at least the market is, of this fact—that the self is socially constructed. Can this awareness be tapped by business? If we know that music can be hiss-less, we buy CDs. If we know that the self is socially constructed, we buy a social to (re-)construct it.

Yes. I know that I am others’ representation of me in their cognition. I am not other than that! That’s literally the clay that makes up my trans-temporal substance. The conversations about me are my clay.

One consequence of this: a possible cure for procrastination.

The silliest of all is the accountability aid. A person, an app that reminds a person to contact you, an app that reminds you, an app that takes $200 from you bank account and sends it to Sarah Palin, an app that makes you do things, an app that gets you inside a system that makes you do things—this whole accountability “outsource my will and motivation” is a new deep phase of the self-help existential human-potential movement.

I am nothing.

I am the listening of others.

I enroll others, to get my way.

Others, others, others. I live inside of others.

And I need you, Others—my Sci-Mark brothers—to be fully and properly myself. I need you to do the following:

  • Constantly remind me of the theory: that reality is empty and meaningless, that being lives in the house of language. This is the CBT component of the system, and it lives in dependence on the cult.

CULT: A group of people who consciously endorse and intend a world view.

What better cult than The Existentialists? Or: The Buddhists? Really. Really.

The organism only survives if “it” has a view. The collective that you live in is conscious in a way such that your individual self is a cell inside a unity of a higher order—higher order as in away. We rarely … I rarely take on the first person of a collective mind. But this is possible. Children learn the word we and use it properly. When she does (this is a serious question please): who is asking? Is the oneness of the speaking the oneness of the body of the speaker?

Now, build a we that thrives in proportion to the money it earns. The humans that comprise its matter give money to The Collective.

  • It is then in the organism’s interest to make humans dependent on it—in theory and practice.

You need to “keep the conversation alive.”

You learn how your being lives in the language of others.

Your reality is a social construct. You co-constructors ought to be Existentialists.

Let’s be strong. Realize that: when we are strong, I am strong.

THESIS: Emphasizing that your core self is ontologically a collective weakens your motivation for attaining your goals.