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America: Where the capitalists are spoiled, and the workers are morons

It is true that Hillary is a quasi-Republican and on the Pharaoh’s Payroh, but how the hell does this make Trump pro-labor? So, so stupid. This is the scam of our two party system—if it’s Hitler vs Cthulhu, we’re getting Hitler as president.

Apparently, Caucasoid Americans would rather be homeless and wit...

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How Republicans can get more than 1%

The Arizona Republic has been getting death threats since its conservative editorial board endorsed Mrs. Clinton. You can read about it here.

What’s going on?

Just this. For the last 100 years, the Republicans have been using pseudo-issues to win elections. It just turns out that poor uneducated whites will v...

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Trump and so-called “populism”

Hillary is a good socially liberal Republican. She is squarely on the side of international capital. She’s just as racist as Trump, but she refrains from expressing it with South Park transparency.

Hillary is the candidate for the Democratic Party, which is supposed to side with labor over capital. But t...

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Hillary’s “entitlement”

What people hate about Hillary—which they call her “coronation”—is her easy, smarmy, relaxed, disdainful, arrogant entitlement.

How could she not win? It is the presumption of inevitability that angers people—regular people with low or no entitlement.

Now Trump is, biographically, way more entitled than Hillary. However, he can wear a basebal...

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Trump is not a redneck

The meaning of “heading in the wrong direction”

Yes. It’s true that the incumbent party candidate is in trouble when polls say that most people feel the “country is heading in the wrong direction.”

The reason workers are angry is that our government has been helping international capital rather than local lab...

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On “taking sides”

Imagine being in the Taliban, or in ISIS. And you’re there because there’s nothing else worth doing.

You want your life to be important.

Your tribe is poor and suffering. Improving life for your tribe would make you important. Helping the group gives you the highest objectivity. If you help the...

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