Communication as counterforce to automaticity

What is the counterforce to impulse and automaticity? Nothing more than the “conversation”—i.e., sustained community practice. Being open to a healthy social reality makes you healthy merely by communicating inside it. Think of all the agreement that would have to be in place before you could converse with a fly. Conversing is self-transforming.

It is the conversation that feeds and preserves the whole world of ought, of should, of “What would that make possible?”, of “What would make a real difference?”, of touched-moved-inspired, and of reason, law, and normativity.

All this subsists in language and sensation.

Biological mechanism doesn’t need a story to run, but a forebrain does. (Though you could argue that biological mechanism, in its repetitive, homeostatic, and past-preserving nature is proto-story. Resistance to entropy is what houses representation and sustains meaning.)

The entirety of the therapeutic counterforce to automaticity lies in the conversation. Old stories can be denied and new stories affirmed. To give the new story traction, reinforce it with community acknowledgement. To weaken the old story, kill it with an argument. Most of all, punish story-reifying generally.