Landmark and magick

This is the joy of Landmark Worldwide, an organization that uses sales technique to program people to be successful. There’s a power flowing in the group—the impatient laser-affirmative intentionality of the pitchman. He believes in his product so much that spacetime warps around his head and you feel God warming inside of you and pulling you into the happy future oozing out of the product. Pitchmen are the modern magi.

In Landmark, the ideal Landmark believer is a person who says chair and an actual chair falls out of her mouth.

Inside the Landmark Forum, due to the sleep deprivation and collective agreement and the presence of speedy acolytes, the word–reality gap actually disappears. For a few hours, possibility arises with all the thickness of the actual, and we see that we really do speak our reality into existence. For a few hours, our confidence in the power of our declaration skyrockets. We see that words are creative of meaning and being because being for us always lives inside of meaning. We see that we have been magi all along—we were merely blinded to it. “But the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth now, and men do not see it.”