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Voice–Soma Reversal Tech

A trick to make duty the guilty pleasure

When you don’t want to do something, your body rebels, it seems. What really happens is that your Voice says,

Do it, asshole!

And your body says,

Fuck you! Fuck off!


And herein lies the solution to the problem. It is the body that screams its will to negate. I...

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One Minute Meditation: Rev. Kane

TYPE: Fear

PURPOSE: This Audio-visual Meditation gives experiential access to childhood-level terror.

CONTEXT: Rev. Kane, played by the peerless Julian Beck, is here scaring the hell out of you. This is a compilation of every frame from the vision sequence, which shows (1) the terrible thing that happened in the...

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The best possible meditation practice

Here is a meditation practice that promises to be the best “preliminary” invocation of them all.

It’s simple. You have just one job—to feel your inclinations:

  •  Job: Feel your inclinations.

Take care!

Just kidding. That is the one job, but it is sandwiched between two other jobs—(1) the ongoing background job of Vipas...

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Exorcism Tech

This is how to do an exorcism

TYPE: Equanimity

PURPOSE: This Audio-visual Meditation gives experiential access to psychedelic-erotic surrender.

CONTEXT: Here is a real exorcism. It is, strictly speaking, fake. But as a placebo exercise, it is a mechanical operation on a ghost by the words and intention of a priest. It is magic.

METHOD: Watch the...

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One Minute Meditation: A. Michael Baldwin

TYPE: Equanimity

PURPOSE: This Audio-visual Meditation gives experiential access to psychedelic-erotic surrender.

CONTEXT: A. Michael Baldwin, who plays Mike in the latest installment Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998), told Fangoria that the secret to what has been called the “most difficult role in a decade” was to “reeeeee-laaaaaax”—something he said he learned f...

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“Stillness” vs Noting

  • Principle of Quietism: We hold this truth to be self-evident: that insight is improved by intellectual quietude.

The idea is that awareness is more penetrating when the (voluntary) body is still, when its emotions are flat, and when its thinking is minimal. This is only partly true.

The (folk) m...

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The one and only proper talk-therapy topic

Well, it looks like there really might be a helpful good talk-therapy topic, after all. Here it is:

Why does the fantasy of doing action X cause so much pain?

At the end of the day, the problem of psychotherapy is action, not thinking. But theory is impotent in the...

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One Minute Meditation: D’lish Donut

This new (2018.09.21) One Minute Meditation is getting rave reviews. So …

Go check it out! Ha ha ha! Go check it out!
Jack Torrence, My talk with Wendy through the pantry door
“Oh Wendy …”

TYPE: Equanimity

PURPOSE: This Audio-visual Meditation teaches how to include and transce...

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Scale Tech

The Scale of the Universe

Really putting things in perspective

Want to feel better quickly? Rick Roderick used to say:

When you feel sorry for yourself, consider that you could be a starving baby in Africa with a distended belly swatting flies out of your eyes. Or just look up at the stars and consider your insignificance.

(Though, regarding that...

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Negative affect decreases judgmental bias

Attention pro-positive affect believers: Negative affect has significant beneficial impacts on cognition and behavior. Benefits include improved perception, judgment, memory, and interpersonal personal relations.

Negative affect induces more on cautious processing than preexisting knowledge, so people with negative affect perform better in instances involving deception, manipulation, impression formation, and stereotyping....

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Black Infinity Tech

Real situation

You are in space. You are in black empty space. Turn out the Sun. Kill all Earth lights. Look up—all that is one. Delete the Earth underneath you. Black infinity extends below you and above you. Black infinity surrounds you unimpeded for ever. All of time is in one boundless s...

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Chakra Tech

Proper “Kundalini” technique

Everyone talks about chakras. Every Whole Foods shopper knows the word. In fact about half of UT freshmen women know their positions and their associated colors. This is because commodities can be illustrated and colored and associated with chakras. There are blue yoga mats to increase your intelligence, for example....

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Kindness Tech

A good will is therapeutic

aka “Tonglen”

If your outwards motivation is love and Vipassana, you cannot help but succeed. This is none other, BTW, than the canonical two-step formulation of Tibetan Buddhism: Wisdom and Compassion. A synoptic combo like Jesus’ similar two-part Greatest Commandment:

Jesus version

  1.  Loving God means imbibing the commands of...
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A new phenomenology of Schematism Tech

Problem: Why should you get behind whatever present vedana may be?

Context: I was just working, but losing energy because I was spending a lot of it hating my tiredness.

Charles Tart:

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Is self-punishment for real crises a helpful nigrido stage?

Punishment is only OK when it helps. Punishment is always OK when it helps. Conclusion: Punishment is always and only OK when it helps.

Regret is a feeling-punishment loop. You feel the sick feelings in your chest. You wonder about their cause.

Oh yeah. Eunjin’s gone. I did that. I...
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Performance Tech

Every appearance is performance for others

You can set your state by being socially defined. 99% of our being is determined by social recognition and agreement. This is a fact. But what if you’re not in a programmed environment? How will the others recognize you?

You change state through social definition, you must make a public d...

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Pains Are Helpful Elves Tech

Turning aversion into compassion

aka “Gayest Tech”

I herewith present the gayest tech of all CSH Tech, which my friend and co-blogger Damien Karass has called the gayest tech ever, and which has therefore been named Gayest Tech.

It works because every metaphor inflects its referent through the parents of the metaphor. So calling an...

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The inverse economics of gratitude

Part of the Kabbalistic/Tantric reality replacement program is faith. This is great. Faith is generic. It only means taking a mythic claim as true (and its purported referent as real) despite the consensus interpretation, which says that things are husks and physics is alien to human hope and concern.


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The blessedness of true believers

Admit it! True believers, fundamentalists, and people of great faith have an enviable happiness advantage that is unique to them.

Take the most intelligent group of fundamentalists in America—Hassidic Jews. These guys really live inside their myth. Like Tantric Buddhists, they actively project their myth onto the perceptual world, thereby e...

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Peaks and Valleys Rundown

Preempting distractability before you get to work

Sometimes the best thing about a drill is awareness, I am now doing a drill. Feeling an emotion normally means possible distraction. But feeling an emotion as part of an exercise neutralizes and objectifies it.

So it occurred to me that one way to preempt wasted hours daydreaming about past...

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The Law of Attraction is the Left-hand Path

The Law of Attraction is a pathological anti-reality theory of magick. Not seeing obstacles does not weaken their power. But it does dampen fear. We need to find a way to lessen fear but without dulling perception.

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Why self-help goes astray in the masturbation nation

If operant conditioning works, then we should not comfort ourselves with fun activities and useless trinkets that do nothing to promote our success. In fact, they actually harm our chances for success by filling our experience-time with undeserved reward feeling.

In real reality, like the environment in which we evolved,...

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Yoking Awareness to Transition Tech

Radical transformation is ongoing but occult

Every moment we are moving on a gradient. The unified overseer-voice “I” is, as a unit, moving along some voluntarist path—changing its attribute cluster this way rather than that. Each attribute is itself a gradient or cluster of gradients. The particularity of every quality is in flux.

Find a way of mo...

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Thoughts on Louise Hay (Assumption Tech)

There is ONE (and only one) aspect of Louis Hay’s positive-thinking model that is valid and really therapeutic. The rest of Louise Hay Tech is worse than non-effective—it is counter-effective. See here for a list of counterintuitive research results on goal setting and motivation. In particular, see the articles below:

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What about operant conditioning?

Another helpful bit of cottage cheese from the self-help industry is the efficacy of operant conditioning. Today, it’s been reduced to its marketable forms: the app the shocks you, or the app that donates $200 to the person you most despise. Would you wash you car before Monday if you k...

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Dumb Tech

Make everything strange

In the 60s and 70s there was an explosion, in Anglo-American self-help literature, of interest in the war against conceptualization employed by Ch’an and Zen.

Why are children happy? And why are idiots happy? It’s because (the theory goes) they drink in sensations unmediated by language.

Two people, A(dult) and B(a...

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Being honest when you begin Tech

“Effort” is a misleading term

Equanimity aids effort more than intensity

Effort is key. This is not encouraging news, nor is it news. However, there is something interesting here for self-helpers and other shortcut lovers: Effort is tolerance for pain.

A lot of our subjective state vocabulary is misleading—and, in many cases, entirely fabricating. That is, sometimes the word refers to n...

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Effort: the “life hack” self-help peddlers hate

Buying shortcuts is another procrastination

Effort is the “life hack” self-help peddlers hate. How does this work? Let’s take a look:

  1. You have goals. A goal is an image of a life situation in which you are much happier.
  2. At any moment, you can think of any number of life situations wherein you would...
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Vajrayana Tech

Other worlds therapy

Past lives therapy in Scientology

Past lives therapy. What a joke. It’s another LRH move: take the little knowledge you have of something and make it the core of your entire system, and spread it on everything, no matter how inappropriate. Abreaction? Sure—let’s handle everything upsetting that’s ever happened to you in ...

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Reality Tech

My litany against imagination

Imagination (fantasy) spoils and weakens us because it lets us accomplish whatever we want without any effort. Achieving goals in the imagination is easy because the stuff of imagination is so perfectly compliant to our desires. This is why Law of Attraction and similar forms of Magick Tech are so...

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Burying Your Face in the Tar Tech

Imagination is the enemy of Vipassana

We have the awful and debilitating ability to imagine our own feelings as images. But don’t do this as part of your Vipassana practice. Vipassana is effective only when its objects are actual sensations, not images. Have the courage to touch your feelings with your awareness directly.

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Deathbed Friend Tech

Against Vipassana and Buddhism

All hail the pain that is greater than the pain of right action

Vipassana shows you how to wipe out the pain-component of experience. Vipassana shows you how to dismantle your automatic punishment-reward system so that, even though it is still running, it is running in empty space, without traction, without transmitting its power to your story telling, image-making, speaking, or movement. The...

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Logo-magick is bogus

They showed that grammatical aspect has magickal efficacy of on self state

Silliness from the self-help industry has trickled down into studies on how we can speak our way into actual state change.

Creative visualization, affirmation, Law of Attraction, magick, faith, and positive thinking all hold that physical reality can...

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Invoke Rocky Tech

Why Rocky is greater than Christ

How many times have we been inspired by a movie to really improve ourselves? Kids do it transparently—they see a hero-type film and when they come home they’re jumping from couch to railing. Yor-Yor! He’s a man! Cricken Bridges was a constantly inspired happy-energy humorist. I loved that Yor-Yor! That was p...

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Wonder Tech

Wonderment invocation

Oh, the experience of deep-down wonderment! Oh that refreshing shock that you sometimes get on psychedelics or in childhood that everything is interesting and that the mystery of things (and of being generally) is fathomless. And then, almost always, comes the additional meta-wonderment, the realization that the “I” beholding the Mystery also...

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Daydream Interruption Tech

The procrastination industry

How daydreaming, social reality, and VR will make you miserable

Whenever you notice yourself suddenly slacking as you approach the victory point, stop and be brutally honest. Stop and admit that you really don’t want to succeed in this area. Admit that you’re afraid and that you choose to fail. Stop and say aloud,

I don’t really want success in this ...
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Getting Things Done Tech

Vipassana and working memory

Some humans lose their train of action more frequently after age 50.

Things start out well enough:

  1. You have a goal.
  2. You take the action steps in imagination, speech, or action to reach your goal.
  3. Then something happens—you fall off the wagon.

So much of our lives a...

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Game Tech

Why “making a game of it” works

If I asked you to do a math problem, you would not want to.

If I told you that your D&D character had to sit down and do a math problem in order to disarm the boobytrap (poison needle with -2 to save), you would be happy to do it....

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What Happened vs The Story: Concreteness training

What is really happening that gives us the boost of relief we feel when we see What Happened? The power of the cognition is nothing other than its concreteness. An abstract entity can contain or subsume many instances. But a concrete particular cannot—it is trapped in the locus of its i...

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Stop the presses! Abreaction works if it is concrete

We already know that abreaction never worked. Early successes (like Anna O.) were the result of placebo insight. And the benefits of Dianetics derive solely from the human interaction; being listened to is intrinsically therapeutic.

Not only does abreaction not help, it actually hurts. First, repetitive thinking in general worsens...

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Be an Actor Tech

Intentionally contrive your action in line with a rule

Pretend you are acting. That is to say, act intentionally. Contrive your action.

Don’t worry—the character that you present to others, being reactive and self-conscious, has always been a fabrication.

Moreover, what is the “true” or “authentic” “self” anyway? When we say this we really mean most comfortable at the moment. Being authentic ...

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Vipassana-Landmark Tech

Rumination makes sadness the longest-lasting emotion

New super Vipassana:

Go beyond pure (bracketed) sensation handling. Go ahead and confront the story that is behind the ongoing unpleasant secretion, turning the handle of the secretion, squeezing its toothpaste tube.

Be with the sad story and fully feel the sadness. Do not say,

This is just a story....
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Performance formula

I know what’s missing in my life: Loving something publicly. Sharing my love of something with others by loving it with or around others.

I need to be out there in a way that raises my value due to actual production. There has got to be a better way to l...

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Strength is Lust

Does being authentic just mean expressing our appetites?

Strength is Lust

Fara just told me about her dream. When she dreams, she lets herself feel deeply and discovers things that her daytime censor edits or hides.

For example: in real life, she is short on sexual experience, including kissing, because she is uncomfortable with physical and emotional closeness. But in her...

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Childhood passion vs adult interest

Childhood as personal Golden Age

Scientology and Landmark (and even Ayn Rand) hold up childhood as the Beatific Ideal and the Lost Essence of self.

Remember when you were a child …


The advantage of child-mind is that it is beginner’s mind. Not pre-knowing means that any object is a c...

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EFT is bogus

I have a friend who swears by EFT. EFT is popular enough that is was actually studied in 2003. Here are the results:

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Does suffering have a “source”?

What are the limits of introspection?

You can search inside yourself.

You can spot the feelings of horror that are the real controlling forces of your acting and intending. You can confront the terrible chemical undulations and eddies that populate your abdomen, your stomach, your chest. You can admit that...

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The punishment proxy

People tend to take comfort in inaction and in habit (which is the same). People hate the unpleasant feeling that comes with taking the action steps necessary to becoming successful—especially when these steps increase vulnerability, when they require throwing yourself into interdependence or connection with others.

Successful people must be o...

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Jesse’s Somatic Tech

Jesse just complained to me about his ISMs (involuntary spacetime meltdowns). These are involuntary mystical experiences that he sometimes has. The meltdown follows from a breathing exercise that he’s been practicing since he was 13. It goes like this:

  1. He breathes in and applies pressure from the bottom of h...
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Rage is right

It occurred to me—The cognitive component of the feeling of rage is being right. If you expressed yourself verbally while angry at the person you wanted to hurt, your sentence would be a species of the rage cognition, I am right!

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Downward Coin-Stack Tech

How to be completely relaxed while fully exposed

The secret to attractive public appearance:

  1. Intuit directly and with certainty that your being is downwardly settled.
  2. Feel that your being is so relaxed that you are just self-supporting, like a stack of coins. You are upright, but internally leaning back on a trusty boulder. In fact, your...
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Reeling Yourself in from Far Away

How to make big goals non-intimidating

Sitting in WF. Next to me: a happy and functional Filipino family. Why am I immersed in misery and despairing nostalgia while the father next to me is babbling like a Covey Christian to his kids about what the most practical course of action would be?

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Vipassana-CBT Tech

How to stop wrong-making

The core of the problem is not the sensation that you call upset, but the attitude of wrong-making that sustains it.

You may have noticed the paradox in my stating this. To criticize wrong-making is to make it wrong. Buddhists get around this trap by using off-center vocabulary. So I’ll d...

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Be a Hypnosis Victim Tech

How to become a Yes-man (to your commitments)

’Member hypnosis?

It used to be the bread and butter of horror and crime movies. 50% of horror movies between Dracula (1931) and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) have a hypnosis scene. And let’s not forget The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), the first horror movie in history, in which hypnosis was t...

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Do Not React Tech

The drill of drills

The greatest of all self-help exercises is:

Do not react

Refuse to react when you are looked at. That is, refuse all macro-scale movement.

(This goes to show that you can use Existentialist vocabulary profitably while spelling-out the elements of a DRILL and the theory of why it works....

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Tar Tech

Let feelings arise as black masses without story-telling.

I cannot will away pain, but I can will away a previous story by replacing it with a different one. Stories have a unique feature: they can be posited intentionally. An automatic story can therefore be replaced by a contrived one. This is CBT: replacing unhelpful stories with helpful ones....

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Fourfold Vipassana Tech

Feel as good as you possibly can right now

… and continue doing so for every now.

The true nature of self is joy and compassion. This is revealed when the epistemic-agentive subject is equanimous towards all its sensations. Then this under-nature shines through.

Self, nature, sensation—these are all contents of awareness, and potential objects of the epistemic-agentive subject.


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All is Brahman Tech

The balm of Advaita Vedanta

And Nuit is Brahman as lover, as All-This-Here-Now

Everything that exists (for us), exists for us.

Everything that exists has presence for the understanding.

Everything that is present for the understanding has an already-separation that is essential to it.

Any thing that is present (understood) has arrived as Gegenstände (objects standing against self).

The whole thing—the Totality, yes, ev...

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