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Litany against Imagination

Imagination (fantasy) spoils and weakens us because it lets us accomplish whatever we want without any effort. Achieving goals in the imagination is easy because the stuff of imagination is so perfectly compliant to our desires. This is why Law of Attraction and similar forms of Magick Tech are so...

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Imagination is the enemy: Vipassana

We have the awful and debilitating ability to imagine our own feelings as images. But don’t do this as part of your Vipassana practice. Vipassana is effective only when its objects are actual sensations, not images. Have the courage to touch your feelings with your awareness directly.

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Against Vipassana and Buddhism

Vipassana shows you how to wipe out the pain-component of experience. Vipassana shows you how to dismantle your automatic punishment-reward system so that, even though it is still running, it is running in empty space, without traction, without transmitting its power to your story telling, image-making, speaking, or movement. The...

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Logo-magick is bogus

They showed that grammatical aspect has magickal efficacy of on self state

Silliness from the self-help industry has trickled down into studies on how we can speak our way into actual state change.

Creative visualization, affirmation, Law of Attraction, magick, faith, and positive thinking all hold that physical reality can...

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Why Rocky is greater than Christ

How many times have we been inspired by a movie to really improve ourselves? Kids do it transparently—they see a hero-type film and when they come home they’re jumping from couch to railing. Yor-Yor! He’s a man! Cricken Bridges was a constantly inspired happy-energy humorist. I loved that Yor-Yor! That was p...

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Wonderment invocation

Oh, the experience of deep-down wonderment! Oh that refreshing shock that you sometimes get on psychedelics or in childhood that everything is interesting and that the mystery of things (and of being generally) is fathomless. And then, almost always, comes the additional meta-wonderment, the realization that the “I” beholding the Mystery also...

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The procrastination industry

Whenever you notice yourself suddenly slacking as you approach the victory point, stop and be brutally honest. Stop and admit that you really don’t want to succeed in this area. Admit that you’re afraid and that you choose to fail. Stop and say aloud,

I don't really want success in thi...
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Vipassana and working memory

Some humans lose their train of action more frequently after age 50.

Things start out well enough:

  1. You have a goal.
  2. You take the action steps in imagination, speech, or action to reach your goal.
  3. Then something happens—you fall off the wagon.

So much of our lives a...

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Game Tech

If I asked you to do a math problem, you would not want to.

If I told you that your D&D character had to sit down and do a math problem in order to disarm the boobytrap (poison needle with -2 to save), you would be happy to do it....

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What Happened vs The Story: Concreteness training

What is really happening that gives us the boost of relief we feel when we see What Happened? The power of the cognition is nothing other than its concreteness. An abstract entity can contain or subsume many instances. But a concrete particular cannot—it is trapped in the locus of its i...

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BIG NEWS: Abreaction works if it is concrete

We already know that abreaction never worked. Early successes (like Anna O.) were the result of placebo insight. And the benefits of Dianetics derive solely from the human interaction; being listened to is intrinsically therapeutic.

Not only does abreaction not help, it actually hurts. First, repetitive thinking in general worsens...

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Be an actor

Pretend you are acting. That is to say, act intentionally. Contrive your action.

Don’t worry—the character that you present to others, being reactive and self-conscious, has always been a fabrication.

Moreover, what is the “true” or “authentic” “self” anyway? When we say this we really mean most comfortable at the moment. Being authentic ...

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Vipassana-Landmark Tech

New super Vipassana:

Go beyond pure (bracketed) sensation handling. Go ahead and confront the story that is behind the ongoing unpleasant secretion, turning the handle of the secretion, squeezing its toothpaste tube.

Be with the sad story and fully feel the sadness. Do not say,

This is just a story....
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Cultivate the impossible

The theory thus far:

  1. The Voice exists, but the “I” does not. That is, while there is a constant speaking that occurs, there is no “I” that does it. This is not to say that speaking does not occur, only that it is occurs automatically and is not caused by a se...
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Is strength lust?

Fara just told me about her dream.

When she dreams, she lets herself feel deeply. In real life, she is short on sexual experience, including kissing, because she is uncomfortable with physical and emotional closeness. But in her dream, she let herself go, and she noticed something. In fact, she...

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Childhood passion vs adult interest

Childhood as personal Golden Age

Scientology and Landmark (and even Ayn Rand) hold up childhood as the Beatific Ideal and the Lost Essence of self.

Remember when you were a child …


The advantage of child-mind is that it is beginner’s mind. Not pre-knowing means that any object is a c...

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EFT is bogus

I have a friend who swears by EFT. EFT is popular enough that is was actually studied in 2003. Here are the results:

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Does suffering have a “source”?

What are the limits of introspection?

You can search inside yourself.

You can spot the feelings of horror that are the real controlling forces of your acting and intending. You can confront the terrible chemical undulations and eddies that populate your abdomen, your stomach, your chest. You can admit that...

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The punishment proxy

People tend to take comfort in inaction and in habit (which is the same). People hate the unpleasant feeling that comes with taking the action steps necessary to becoming successful—especially when these steps increase vulnerability, when they require throwing yourself into interdependence or connection with others.

Successful people must be o...

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Jesse’s Somatic Tech

Jesse just complained to me about his ISMs (involuntary spacetime meltdowns). These are involuntary mystical experiences that he sometimes has. The meltdown follows from a breathing exercise that he’s been practicing since he was 13. It goes like this:

  1. He breathes in and applies pressure from the bottom of h...
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Rage is right

It occurred to me—The cognitive component of the feeling of rage is being right. If you expressed yourself verbally while angry at the person you wanted to hurt, your sentence would be a species of the rage cognition, I am right!

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Downward coin-stack relaxation

The secret to attractive public appearance:

  1. Intuit directly and with certainty that your being is downwardly settled.
  2. Feel that your being is so relaxed that you are just self-supporting, like a stack of coins. You are upright, but internally leaning back on a trusty boulder. In fact, your...
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Reeling yourself in from far away

Sitting in WF. Next to me: a happy and functional Filipino family. Why am I immersed in misery and despairing nostalgia while the father next to me is babbling like a Covey Christian to his kids about what the most practical course of action would be?

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Vipassana-CBT Tech

The core of the problem is not the sensation that you call upset, but the attitude of wrong-making that sustains it.

You may have noticed the paradox in my stating this. To criticize wrong-making is to make it wrong. Buddhists get around this trap by using off-center vocabulary. So I’ll d...

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Be a total hypnosis victim

’Member hypnosis?

It used to be the bread and butter of horror and crime movies. 50% of horror movies between Dracula (1931) and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) have a hypnosis scene. And let’s not forget The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), the first horror movie in history, in which hypnosis was t...

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Do not react

The greatest of all self-help exercises is:

Do not react

Refuse to react when you are looked at. That is, refuse all macro-scale movement.

(This goes to show that you can use Existentialist vocabulary profitably while spelling-out the elements of a DRILL and the theory of why it works....

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Tar Tech

I cannot will away pain, but I can will away a previous story by replacing it with a different one. Stories have a unique feature: they can be posited intentionally. An automatic story can therefore be replaced by a contrived one. This is CBT: replacing unhelpful stories with helpful ones....

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Get-it-done Tech

The way to approach your problem is like Deleuze.

Marvel at the project from a distance. Appreciate it like a handyman fondly treats familiar problems.

Everything in the universe right now boils down into two:

  1. all sense consciousnesses, inner and outer
  2. all impulses, automatic and intentional.

The passive...

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Put the “past where it belongs”

I’ve been afraid of others lately and putting them down. For example, the cute Vietnamese girl from Bikram. After class, while getting into my car in the garage, I yelled, “See you next week!”

She responded to my terrified friendliness by making the bad-smell/confusion face. To that I responded by getti...

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Tetra Tech

And do it for every now.

The true nature of self is joy and compassion.

This is revealed when you are equanimous towards your sensations.

What is the subject like then? The subject is just what is responsible for the meaning and value of this here now. The subject is...

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All is Brahman

The whole thing really is right now.

You hate the now? Useless!

No. The soulmate you seek is already all of this and everything here right now. Proof: Take morphine and the Beloved will present herself to you without mediation. A possibility once is a necessity forever. That quality cannot...

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