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Using quotation marks to sell a lie

Y’all know that I’m fascinated by ridiculous things. I am also fascinated by difficulty and voluntary servitude. That’s what drove my post about the young seminarians. These guys have chosen a very hard path and surely have the most intense emotional, imaginary, and erotic lives. I was not making fun of th...

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I live nextdoor to this damn place and still haven’t been.

Success: damn Gourdough’s bastard

There is no more bitter feeling than envy of true success. True success is goal achievement. Metaphysically, it is the creation of some desired state of affairs from nothing—under the power of one’s “own” intention and “own” action.

Like this damn Gourdough’s bastard (whoever he is). He’s a true success story. He start...

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Interview with the coffee robot

CSH: This is Rich. He works as a barista at a very unique coffeehouse—namely, one that aims at eliminating the barista. This is a barista who works for a barista-elimination company.

Now, it is common knowledge that when customers ask for something, they are also asking for advice. He gives i...

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