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Are relativistic effects only phenomenal?

Einstein’s results are all the effect of messaging

Einstein’s results do not hold for beings as such, but only for beings as perceived by other intra-spatial subjects whose perception depends on material impact.

The temporal order, rate of temporal passing, contraction in the direction of motion, and mass of physical obj...

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Where is the mole museum?

There should be a museum that displays mole heaps of each element, in order. Special arrangements will have to be made for those that are gasses at STP. Then children will be driving stick shift, so to speak. Seeing a mole of a pure chemical element gives us direct access...

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Numbers worth caring about—a list of important numbers

… in one convenient place

It may be the case that myths, especially good geometry-based ones, express Real Truth. Relations of quantity, meanwhile, are surely really out there. Mathematical knowledge about things is real—two apples and two apples really does make four apples out there. Facts of magnitude are golden—thoroughly grasped by the subject, and rea...

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Romancing the near-impossible

Visualizing this produces Lovecraftian madness

Today we will attempt to grasp the most difficult known fact, by which I mean something that we know actually happened. To you. In the past.

I am speaking, of course, about the Inflationary Epoch. The speed of expansion “during” the Inflationary Epoch was unimaginably great. By which I mean it ...

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Where is Earth’s centrifigual force?

Q: Why don’t we feel the centrifugal force of Earth’s orbit? It should make us feel lighter at night, when we’re lying on the outside of the swing, and heavier during day, when we’re standing on the inside. After all, when you’re at the Read More

Your current speed is 3,037,670 km/h

You are not sitting still, really

You are not sitting still. I wish you could feel the wind and the sense of rush that this brings. It’s sad that we only recognize (and celebrate) the glee of fast flying only when it is relative to what is closest. This disease is the basis for our intuition t...

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Tycho: the first Flat-Earther

Except he recognized that the Earth is spherical

Was Tycho Brahe really akin to flat-earthers?

Yes, in a way. Tycho admired aspects of Copernicus’s heliocentric model, but disliked it for offending against both the obvious facts of perception and religion. Of Copernicus’ extremist revision of the universe, Tycho said:

This innovation expertly and completely circumvents all that is sup...
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