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America: avoid reading this post

As you all know by now, something terrible was released on the world last September. The cinematographer of John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), Dean Cundey, revealed that there is a way to determine who is a Thing at the end of the movie:

So we were looking for some kind o...
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Black Phillip

It’s time to by artsy and include a poem. It’s a song, actually, from the masterpiece film The Witch (2016).

The film is so lovely and inspiring, it’s hard to believe that it exists.

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Commander Yahveh interrupts Christ’s lecture with some bad news.

The Visitor (1979)

CSH: We are watching The Visitor (1979). I was thinking: This movie is a bit cheesy and it’s a bit dislocated. But it’s great material for analyzing a perfectly workable mythology:

  1. It explains evil. Evil is the survival instinct inside limited resources plus the trauma of meiosis.
  2. It exp...
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Twilight Zone: the music

I just realized while washing dishes that the The Twilight Zone (1959–64) theme is also the Night Gallery (1969–73) theme, only the rhythm is different. Not only that, but the same music also appears in the great Night Gallery pilot episode (the one with the awesomely scary episode feature Roddy McD...

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