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Physics is still a pain in the ass

Incident I
Occurs at start of track (4 quadrillion years ago).
L. Ron Hubbard, OT III

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Some stupid seriousness

If God, Godhead, Trinity, Incarnation, Time and Eternity are significant to and central in Christian theology, this work is central to theology.

So, so sad. So very, very sad. Sad—and … just sad. Also: sad.

Something becomes important to a tradition, and ...

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This is what it sounds like when Grima cries

I am not one of those who believes in the separation of Religio and Cultura. A Religio that is not embodied in concrete social practice does not exist, any more than a Significato or a Momentum exists outside the animating and preserving life-world. A mythology that does not infect the...

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Christianity vs Buddhism: the principle version

Postulate 1: Living is good.

Postulate 2: It is good that living is good.

Christianity: It is good that it is good that living is good. Spacetime will configure itself over time to be the best of all possible worlds.

Buddhism: It is natural for living organisms to believe...

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The revenge of the Christ

Jesus unplugged his hands and feet, climbed down, and killed—Navy Seal style—everybody involved in his ordeal, which posterity perversely christened his passion. Not only the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas, Pilate, and the Roman cops, but also Antipas, Judas, Peter, and anyone who ever mocked him or who was glad to see him...
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Fundamentalism as easy mysticism

CSH: I think that what drives a lot of American Christian Fundamentalist culture is this dream to find a text that represents something that’s not human.

We love interacting with non-human animals because we can read their physiology and behavior and from this project a theory of mind. We grasp (...

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Commander Yahveh interrupts Christ’s lecture with some bad news.

The Visitor (1979)

CSH: We are watching The Visitor (1979). I was thinking: This movie is a bit cheesy and it’s a bit dislocated. But it’s great material for analyzing a perfectly workable mythology:

  1. It explains evil. Evil is the survival instinct inside limited resources plus the trauma of meiosis.
  2. It exp...
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Eve and Matt: Taoist Bowling II

CSH: Every moment of enlightened consciousness is a moment of spiritual-vaginal experience. In moments of ordinary consciousness, your will is constantly ejaculating images into your imagination. It’s called daydreaming and it happens even when you are not officially daydreaming. You’re constantly throwing stuff out. Ordinary consciousness or experience is autogenetic, or ...

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A new argument for God

In order to create a self, you have to create all the props, distractions, habits, ritualized motions, and other kinds of quasi-autonomous volition, compulsion, and discomfort. All these little non-selves become, when aggregated and averaged, the predictable self or character.

How about this:

This is interesting: the transformation of many...

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Stupid religious writing (Spiritual Intelligence, by Gerald Epstein)

I hate articles like this. It just provides supporting evidence for an arbitrary collection of desired ends. The goal: take a traditional and canonical system (the Ten Commandments) and show how it is really right by restating it the jargon of contemporary (folk) psychology, common sense ethics, and the few...

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Meaning vs historicity

The meaning, upshot, emotion, energy, and value of your reading experience is entirely detachable from the question, Did this really happen?

Also, contents produced by the subject do not need extra-mental referents. Reading is literally a self-creating act—from nothing, you project a dream and then merge with it. You paint a...

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All stories are transparent

One of the premises of fundamentalism is that a text that does not call itself fiction alleges to be an objective and accurate account. A myth that does not call itself a myth intends to be taken as a true report. A false promotion would never communicate itself as the...

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Hero stories: purpose and motivation

Hero stories are an interesting genre. What is the purpose of hero stories? What is their intended effect? And what motivates those who relay them?

The purpose of the hero story is to promote a hero—a person whose character is intrinsically valuable. Hero is to person as gold is to m...

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Religion and conviction

What attracts people to religion is whether or not the story lights them up. The power of a story to inspire is decided not by its facticity, but by the story itself—by its meaning. It is meaning, not historical accuracy, that makes a story attractive. Despite what evangelists say when y...

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Is the Bible a god-penned newspaper?

There’s no use trying to establish the historicity of the Gospels, the metaphysics of the Letters, or the veracity of any of the Hebrew Bible’s account of God’s deeds or the exploits of the Hebrews.

What we call “the” Bible is a post hoc collection of independent writings written by different...

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Why Christians hate metaphor

Of all concepts, God is the one grasped, of necessity, entirely through metaphor. Father and King are popular ones.

God is a father. Really? Then half of me came from his penis. “Naw! Dat naasty,” says the average American Protestant. “Dat just mean he yo creaduh.”

It is the role of theo...

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Why we like gods

CSH: Zora was saying that we demand that ultimate reality be irrational. According to survival-oriented reason, a religion that promoted suicide would be a failure and a bad choice. But the picture of ultimate reality inside atheistic science is not as comforting to our person-like consciousness as the picture of...

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Sex with the sexy young god

CSH: In Hinduism there is a kind of reverence-pain relationship that the person has to the God.

Infants scream, and then the parents do what the baby wants. That’s the basis of our instinctive belief in magick. Magick is just the will affecting the imagination and body. Magick is real i...

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