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Tinderbox is the Swiss Army Knife of visual information display and discovery. Now that power has been brought to Tinderbox export.

Introducing BoxPress—the Generic Universal Tinderbox Export System.

How BoxPress will help you

BoxPress is a GUTES that increases productivity, improves writing morale, and gets your hard-wrought idea complexes out of Tinderbox and into an exported HTML module that you can share.

For your serious writing projects, use BoxPress.

  •  Its 34 templates and 17 prototypes apply content-specific Export Schemes for people, articles books, quotes, events, films, and more.
  •  Frame amenities (navbar, banner, sidebar, and footer) and background (color, texture, or image) are optional and controlled via popup menu.
  • Amazing control of granularity. Children are appended as seamless, bounded, auto-balanced columns, table rows, or SmartButtons.
  • 31 text macros and 16 media macros let you embed text, images, thumbnails, audio, and video. You can also import the contents of other notes as Iframe, Panel, Well, Window, or seamless subsection. The PanelArticle macro lets you embed an article panel whose center is fresh text but whose frame contains three different links (to note, info, and online source), and the article’s reference info at top in APA format.
  • Navbar export options let you add dropdowns, separators, download buttons, and bookmark links tp your navbar in a snap.
  •  Every aspect of export is controlled via popup export options—width, navbar, title, date, table of contents.
  • Title, headings, body text, and every color option is controlled with a Styles Dash that also saves your styles in buttons for single-click application. Report your CSS in seconds and your HTML export module looks completely different.

Whether you are compiling hundreds of notes into a dissertation (my actual use case), making a TinderPoint Presentation on overhead projector for class, exporting your research notes for review and exploration, make a photo gallery, or uploading a TinderBlog (this very website), BoxPress will meet your needs and unleash your creativity.


To make a PAGE

  1. Go to the BlogPAGES tab in your Content Window, select that note, and hit ENTER to make a new note and name it.
  2. Write something. Add as many children as you like—they will become SmartButtons.
  3. When you are done, click the (topmost) PAGE note’s $blogReady checkbox.
  4. Choose File > Export > as HTML.

To make a POST

  1. Go to the BlogPOSTS tab in your Content Window. Every POST belongs to a category. To make a new category, select BlogPOSTS or any of the (green) cat-notes, hit ENTER, and name your new category. Note that the cat_note prototype is set for you automatically.
  2. With the cat-note still selected, hit SHIFT-ENTER (the shortcut to make a new child note) and title your POST. (Alternatively, you could also just hit ENTER and then drag or TAB the POST into your new category. Another alternative method: double-click the cat-note to hoist it and hit ENTER.)
  3. Write something. Add as many children as you like—they will become compiled subsections.
  4. When you are done, click the (topmost) POST note’s $blogReady checkbox.
  5. Choose File > Export > as HTML. Select BoxPressExport as your export folder. Click Export.
  6. Go the the Finder and open index.html. You will be viewing your new home page. Navigate to your POST via the Categories sidebar, Categories page, or Archives page.

For more detailed instructions, see the corresponding sections from BoxPress Videos and Tutorials.

What your export includes automatically

Placing a note inside of BoxPress and exporting it brings it to life inside a web browser. Every BoxPress webpage optionally inherits all of the following automatically:

  • A collapsible navigation bar, including dropdown and download menus. Make it static or fixed with the click of a checkbox.
  • A fully customizable (color, texture, and image) and responsive Banner with your website’s title and subtitle.
  • Your post title and date. Specify the date format right in the dash.
  • An automatic table of contents to any outline depth.
  • An optional featured image that automatically resizes according to whether the note exports as webpage, teaser, or SmartButton.
  • Child notes are compiled by default for POSTS and rendered as SmartButtons by default for PAGES. Override these settings with the NOCOMPILE and COMPILE export options. Or render them as glossary-like rubrics with the BLOCKS export option. Or render them as table rows (each paragraph is a cell) with the TABLE export options.
  • Categories and About sidebars are on the right of every webpage. Or move them to the bottom using the WIDE export option.
  • Does your note have dragged links? These will appear in a panel of related links at the bottom of the post—or in a subtler panel at the bottom of each sub-post. To include incoming links, add the INLINKS export option.
  • A customizable footer with an image-link.
  • Import images from the Finder via Dialog Box. Just select images and the BoxPress Imageport AppleScript script will import them in the order of your selection! Choose plain, captioned, thumbnails, or thumbnails with caption. Captions are taken from Finder Comments! You can override these singly, entirely, or only for blanks in the Dialog.

Other features

The most commonly tweaked boilerplate text—such as website title and subtitle, the About Blurb, and footer text—are all set in the dashboards.

Categories, Archives, Sitemap, and About pages are made for you automatically. Aliases of these are already inside the navbar container and so already populate the navbar:

Everything is already done for you, framework-wise.

Everything is already done for you, framework-wise.

To add new navbar buttons, you simply drag aliases of your target notes inside the BlogNavbar container note.

To make a dropdown menu, make a new note inside BlogNavbar and set its $blogExpOpt to DROPDOWN. And to add a separator to the dropdown, just set the note’s $Separator to true.

To change the number of teasers on your landing page, just type your preferred N into the $MyNumber key attribute of your Home agent.

Your management levers are placed in the expected places.

Your management levers are placed in the expected places.

BoxPress gives you peerless control of your webpage backgrounds with its Theme Folder system. To make a new theme, just make a new folder and create (or add) five image files with the names BannerImage.png, BannerTexture.png, BodyImage.png, BodyTexture.png, and FooterImage.png. These are implemented as you expect!

When you export, background color, texture, and image are determined by prototype, category, and even individual posts through a drop-down menu in the $bpBkgOpt key attribute. Just add the appropriate background export option: BKG-COLOR, BKG-TEXTURE, and BKG-IMAGE. To make the texture fixed rather than scrolling, add BKG-FIXED. To have your choice apply to the notes children, add BKG-BEQUEATH. You can also have a post export with the floating card effect by adding CARD.

Your exported website is built inside the Bootstrap framework and inherits all of its conveniences, such as mobile-first responsiveness, easy column layout, creation of links and buttons, images, audio, video, other-note includes, block quotes and pull quotes (both with automatic citations), code, poems (with citations), scripts/screenplays; wells, panels, and tables; hilites, tool-tips, and Glyphicons; and more!

Tons of new features have been introduced since the initial release in 2015, including automatic HTML imagemaps, SmartButtons, SmartDates, automatic customizable outlines in Map View, full granularity control, prototypes for research, and macros for thumbnail images, Mac OS tables, video, and more!

Even if you’re not building a blog, exporting from BoxPress is a great way to export your notes in a clear and attractive form—for publication or enjoyment. And the new BoxPress Imageport lets you import 1000s of images for Tinderbox export, with Finder Comments as captions, into scrolling, thumbnail, or slideshow format.

Download now

The sophisticated structural forms that are inspired by the TB UX have now met their match in export. BoxPress will export your projects with the same high structural resolution obtainable within Tinderbox itself, and then some.

Imagine what it would feel like knowing that every structural nuance, every Basic Link, and every exquisite Map View would be properly exported? What if you could set and store CSS styles and easily assign background colors, textures, and image—including their fixity and window-fitting—all from a pop-up menu attached the the note you are exporting?

Everyone knows that TB can literally be and do anything, note-wise. But every power you want must be made from scratch. If coding is your bliss, that’s a good thing. But if you want to enjoy the powers of labor without having to spend months coding and debugging, you will find that BoxPress makes room for your every aesthetic whim.

Drop in a project and give it a whirl. Use your Map Views as HTML Imagemaps. Experiment with granularity options—COMPILE, BLOCKS, and NOCOMPILE. See you Basic Links exported perfectly. Remove some or all of the Frame Amenities (navbar, Banner, sidebar, footer). Change backgrounds and choose among various theme folders with a click. Anything goes!

Download the entire BoxPress system:

  • BoxPress 2.5.1
  • A fully equipped Bootstrap export folder
  • Four image and texture Theme Folders
  • Two sample HTML imagemaps
  • Nine great and unusual fonts

Always stay up to date. Download the latest version of Tinderbox here: