BoxPress stamps contain icons in their names to help you find and apply them fast.

⬍ indicates a toggler. A toggler is a stamp that, when applied, toggles some attributes between the indicated setting and normal (that is, the unassigned value that inherits from its prototype). The first two stamps in the list are global togglers—so called because they apply to normal_note and thereby to all content notes whatsoever.

⇶ indicates that the stamp applies a key attribute set. The little arrows are supposed to remind you of the horizontal lines making up the Key Attributes Table atop every (enabled) Text Window or Text Pane.

Global Togglers

The first two BoxPress stamps are global togglers. This means you can run them without having any notes selected and they will apply universally to all notes.

Key Attribute Table

Toggles display of key attributes

Scope:   global (normal_note)


Toggles smart quotes for normal_note

Scope:   global (normal_note)

Export Togglers

These toggler stamps are conveniences—they set attributes without having to invoke the Get Info pop-over.

However, due to the magic of prototypal inheritance, a simple stamp, applied to a prototype, can change the appearance (and export: read about $DEExport here) of all your work. For example, applying the ⬍ Show Date stamp to normal_note will prepend the to (nearly) every content note in your TBX.


Toggles $HTMLDontExport

Scope:   selection


Toggles $HTMLExportChildren

Scope:   selection

Key Attribute Setters

The six stamps apply to normal_note and to those content prototypes that inherit its key attribute set—audio_note, mapmaker_note, and fillmap_note.

The other content prototypes have their own special sets of key attributes and so remain unaffected.

Running any of the key attribute setters will also turn-on the display of the key attributes (in case they were hidden).


Applies key attribute set

Scope:   global (normal_note)

SmartExpression Togglers

These are amazing conveniences. Select one or more notes and then run a stamp to toggle any of SmartExpression segments (besides Body):

Number | Proticon | Body | Name | Count | Bips

Show Num

Toggles display of the sibling order for the selected notes. Works by toggling the value of $DENum.

Show Proticon

Toggles display of the Proticon for any selected research notes (i.e., book, quote, quote_ana, article, person, and event). Works by toggling the value of $DEIcon.

Show Date

Toggles display of the date for the selected notes. Works by toggling the value of $DEDate.

To change all content notes, select your normal_note prototype and run the stamp.

Show Count

Toggles display of the descendant count for the selected notes. Works by toggling the value of $DECount.

Show Bips

Toggles display of the Bips (image and link icons) for any selected research notes (i.e., book-notes, quote-notes, quote_ana-notes, article-notes, person-notes, and event-notes). Works by toggling the value of $DEBips.

Day/Night Color Schemers

Nothing is more distracting than a bright white screen in a dark room. I always Invert colors on my monitor using ^⌥⌘= when I write in the dark. I actually prefer it. I have made a stamp that will reproduce your View Pane colors when you have inverted colors.

If you cannot Invert colors using the above shortcut, open System Preferences > Shortcuts > Accessibility and check Invert colors. Then, to the right, assign an unforgettable but awkward key combination.

MapMakers and MapStylers

Name Changers

Attribute Cleaners