Name•"Year: " → DueDate

Type: Stamp

Scope: selection

Purpose: Cuts and pastes “year: ” into $DueDate

When you are working fast while doing research, typing in lists of events, it’s easier to enter event notes by typing the year + colon + title of the note than it is to go into the key attributes.

For example, it’s easier to type this:

“1644: Descartes argues that body and space are identical and the notion of a vacuum incoherent.”

than it is to enter the date manually inside the key attribute.

Also, when pasting long lists of such “DATE: INFO” paragraphs, you want all the info to be inside the note name.

To covert the note name to a note with date data inside an attribute (where it can be manipulated for name display and export), just select the note(s) and run the stamp.