Type: Stamp

Scope: selection

Purpose: Restores various appearance defaults

These stamps reset various aspects of a note to its defaults.

Clean • Look resets the following:

Badge=; BadgeMonochrome=; BadgeSize=; Border=; BorderBevel=; BorderColor=; BorderDash=; CaptionAlignment=; CaptionColor=; CaptionFont=; CaptionOpacity=; CaptionSize=; Color=; Color2=; Opacity=; Pattern=; PlotColor=; Shadow=; ShadowBlur=; ShadowColor=; ShadowDistance=; Shape=; OutlineBackgroundColor=; OutlineColorSwatch=; OutlineTextSize=; Base=; Bend=; Direction=; Fill=; FillOpacity=; InteriorScale=; LeafBase=; LeafBend=; LeafDirection=; LeafTip=; MapBodyTextColor=; MapBodyTextSize=; MapTextSize=; NameAlignment=; NameBold=; NameColor=; NameFont=; NameLeading=; NameStrike=; PlotBackgroundColor=; PlotBackgroundOpacity=; SubtitleColor=; SubtitleOpacity=; SubtitleSize=; Tip=; TitleHeight=; TitleOpacity=;

Clean • Map resets the following:

MapBackgroundColor=; MapBackgroundColor2=; MapBackgroundFill=; MapBackgroundFillOpacity=; MapBackgroundPattern=; MapBackgroundShadow=;

Clean • Size returns the size and shape of all selected notes to their defaults but leaves adornments untouched. It works by applying the following:

if(!$IsAdornment){Height=1.5; Width=3.5; Shape=;}

Clean • Export resets all core-HTML, background, frame, and export options:

HTMLDontExport=; HTMLExportChildren=; Color=; HTMLExportTemplate=; blogBkgOpt=; blogBkgColor=; blogBkgTexture=; blogBkgImage=; blogBkgCardColor=; blogFrameOpt=; blogExpOpt=;

Clean • DE resets the $DisplayExpression:

DEBips=; DECount=; DEDate=; DEIcon=; DENum=; DisplayExpression=;