Type: Stamp

Scope: selection

Purpose: Applies pretty map appearance for Copy View

Run this stamp to improve the look of your Map View before Copying View as Image. Just select the notes (do Select All and then unselect the Links Area adornment) and run the stamp.

It assigns an unitalicizable font (EurostileRegular), resizes the font to match the original, gets rid of boldfacing, and removes ugly SmartExpression segments (Count and Bips). It also gives the notes a glossy marble appearance.

Also, if the map container’s $outH1 or $outH2 are set, running this stamp will change the $Color value of all the h1 (depth=1) or h2 (depth=2) notes.

MapStyle Tiles works by applying the following:

if(!$IsAdornment){$Color=#fff; $Color2=#ccc; $Pattern=gradient; $NameFont="EurostileBold"; $MapTextSize=140; $NameColor=#003; $Border=; $BorderBevel=raised; $BorderColor=#68a; $NameBold=0; $DECount=0; $DEBips=0; $Shadow=0; }