Wikipedia: a new intellectual pleasure

A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Wikipedia.

So much WIN, so quickly.

Nothing beats scrolling to the end of a Wikipedia article and seeing the current concept alongside its siblings inside a higher category.

The thing that nothing beats
When you find an object intrinsically interesting and you read about it and then reach the end of a Wikipedia article where you see it listed alongside its siblings inside a higher category, you feel a surge of pleasure.

Tonight it was this: fanny packs. And at the end, a new plush kind came into existence—the category bags and flexible containers, which includes:

Carried, Worn, Luggage, Postal, Containers, and Purses/Handbags.

There is also the catch-all category of Other, which is always the most interesting. It’s the category feared by youth (except punks) and the category yearned for by old men (except punks). Doggy bag is here! So is Barf (Sickness) Bag.

The bags!
Bag babies!
Bag Babies! Hello my sweet baby!

Once a kind is born, so also thereby is born a new baby, who carries the essence of the kind. If you anthropomorphize every kind—table, chair, napkin—you find that all of them become particulars. Making a napkin into a baby is impossible, only making this particular napkin will work. So you have a particular baby with feelings that can relate to other babies.

Anyway, you read this bags and flexible containers and out pops flexible container. And you realize—there is a kind, and it is a sheet, a leaf, a plane—gathered at one end. Or it is a basketball-type thing whose curves are organically bestowed.