The Tinderbox scattering effect

Not a good thing. Or is it? Tinderbox invites you to write in short bursts and then scatter. The note is a fragment, a piece, and backgrounded—perhaps by being “minimized” to a mere DisplayName in one of the views. In any case, it’s not like writing on a scroll, as in a word-processor, where content is what is displayed in its linear home.

The little writing-burst does not arise already fitted into a context, into a before and after. In Tinderbox, a piece is untethered, and its floating nature invites (literal) re-positioning.

This sometimes impedes the writing process’ movement towards a coherent and linear product. A term paper cannot be a bundle of note cards, or a bucket of fragments, or a salad of ideas—except as a work of performance art.

Re-sortable by any of hundreds of criteria.

Too much possibility, synoptically presented?

They told me it was “dangerous” for getting things done.

Or is it only my desire to appreciate form over content that gets in the way?