Prototype samples

Compare the display schemes (above) to the export schemes (below).

Compare the display schemes (above) to the export schemes (below).

How do the various BoxPress prototypes look when exported together as SmartButtons? This page exports the nine content prototypes one after the other as SmartButtons. These are copies of actual content notes that a have been (comically) renamed to prevent conflict.

Feel free to click through to see how the prototypes export as full webpages.

Sample normal_note

Sample audio_note A

Sample audio_note B

Sample person_note A

1547 – 1637

Sample person_note B

1547 – 1637


Sample article_note

Gollwitzer, Peter M., Sheeran, Paschal, Michalski, Verena & Seifert, Andrea (2009). When Intentions Go Public. Psychological Science, Vol. 20, No. 5, 612-18.


Sample quote_note

H. P. Lovecraft. The Haunter of the Dark


Sample quote_ana_note

Franz Mesmer. On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body

Sample quote_ana_note as normal_note

350 BCE – 1858

Sample event_note

Sample film_note

1973. By William Peter Blatty. Directed by William Freidkin.


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Sample code_note

This code note has been made for demo purposes

Scope:   This is my scope

Syntax: Arg1, Arg2, [OptionalArg3]