The Directories Dash

It lets BoxPress know where to find things

The Directories Dash path is BlogTopNote/Dashboards/Dash: Directories.

The Directories Dash should be operated in Map View.

To use the dashboard, select the widget and then hit either ⌘5 or ⌥⌘X (to open the note’s Text Pane or Text Window, respectively) and enter the relevant information.

The Directories Dash.

The Directories Dash.

  • For the Domain Name Widget, enter the domain name of your website. N.B.—As of BoxPress version 1.7.3, this must include the http:// or https:// prefix.
  • For the Local IMAGEMAPS Path Widget, enter the full pathname of your IMAGEMAPS folder, which is located in the img folder, which is in your export folder. This is necessary for the shell commands that construct the imagemap data from OmniGraffle exports.
  • For the Downloads Directory Widget, enter the full pathname of where you intend to place files that your visitors can download.
  • For the Uploads Directory Widget, enter the full pathname of where you keep your audio files and videos. For example, a YouTube account directory or a WordPress uploads directory.
  • For the Footer Text Widget, enter the (rich) text you would like in the footer. This text will appear to the left of the Footer Image Link. Footer Text and Footer Image Link will be centered inside the footer area that appears on every page of your website.
  • For the Footer Image Link Widget, enter the full pathname of the destination for the footer image link. The image is located in your Theme Folder and is called BoxPressFooter.png. You can replace this file with anything you like—just make sure you use the same name.
  • For the Video Poster Path Widgets, enter the full pathname of where you keep your poster images—one for 4x3 size videos, the other for 16x9. The HTML5 preload="metadata" feature is supposed to disable preloading of the video but load an image automatically from the video content as a poster. It works in Firefox and Chrome but, unfortunately, not in Safari. To prevent Safari users from seeing nothing, enter your site-wide poster images here.
  • For the Image Sizes I Widget, enter the image size CSS for the convenience classes used by the Media… macros.
  • For the Image Sizes II Widget, enter the image size CSS for the teasers and blocks.