Making rich text do other HTML things

The independence of Tinderbox views and your final product has countless advantages. One is the ability to exploit rich text styles—underline, italics, bold, and strikethrough—for other purposes.

Rich styled text is normally exported between standard HTML tags. For example, the sentence …

The sixth word of this sentence is underlined.

… actually looks like this in my Tinderbox text window:

The sixth word of this sentence is underlined.

The tags that go with rich text can be reassigned. It just so happens that I have ordered my Tinderbox rich text underlines to export as <code></code>.

In fact, any text style can be mapped to any of the HTML start- and end-tags.

Underline, for example, is the one of the least used of the standard text stylings and makes a good candidate for re-mapping. Same for strikethrough. By remapping underused styles, you can avoid having to enter cumbersome formatting tags, such as <code></code>, <mark></mark>, and <span class="class_name"></span>.

To do this, just set the attributes $HTMLUnderlineEnd and $HTMLUnderlineStart in your normal_note (or other, more specific) prototype to the tags that you prefer.