BoxPress: Dissection of Powers

Table of Contents

BoxPress Readymade Prototypes

Popups: controlling layout

Listed from top to bottom

Macros: embedding content

Audio, bookmarks, buttons, images, HTML imagemaps, other notes, styled blocks, video, and much more

BoxPress packs a plethora of macros and user templates that allow you to place any type of content, where you want it, inside the Text Area.

  • The ^do^ export code lets you insert a macro, with which you can embed almost anything.
  • The ^include^ export code lets you embed other notes seamlessly in the midst of your text flow. This is called markup-based modular writing. By typing a tiny phrase of code, you inject entire an entire note—even a container and all its nested subsections—where you want them and at the properly adjusted heading depth.

How to add images

How to add links and buttons

How to add HTML Imagemaps

How to add audio

How to add video

How to include other notes (inside the one you’re working on)

How to add special text blocks

How to add generic text blocks: wells, panels, and tables

How to add hilites, tool-tips, and Glyphs

How to add Glyphicons to SmartButtons

Setting backgrounds (using triggers and overrides)

Seting background color, texture, and image

Workflow Wizardry: How to love difficult projects