The Korean Sangha

The new “Ninez” Kakao Babies introduced in 2017.

The new “Ninez” Kakao Babies introduced in 2017.

The Korean Sangha is the common deep concern among Koreans with education. It’s intuitional-ritual expression is the Suneung exam. But the concern permeates everything. Most notably, in the set of emoticon-characters beloved by all Koreans—and many Americans—the Kakao Friends. About a fourth of all emoticons are about studying. They show victory, defeat, and study exhaustion. But the most precious ones are meant to strengthen and encourage.

Of all these empowering study emoticons, there is one in particular that really touches me. It is one starring Ninenz, the

It’s all captured in that sweetest, most lovely Kakao Baby—the raccoon Ninenz.

Here you see Penda, jr. practicing Willed Optimism Tech.

Here you see Penda, jr. practicing Willed Optimism Tech.

You make yourself love life and feel the refreshment of as if you loved life. You method act that cinematic sequence.

The next morning, the darkness dissipated. Sunlight, war and life giving, exposed the most beautiful verdant blanket sparkling with water, and hiding so many insect family friends. Then she found her—a singular pink carnation swaying the breeze.

“… and it was good!” the wind whispered.

She looked up. The sky was clear—deep blue but filled with a sustained flashbulb white. Bright cool winter sky still burned the eyes. But she endured it. And as she did, he fluttered by. It was her guardian angel, the protector assigned to her since birth. Her best and truest friend. Her soul, in external form. For the unconditional love is exactly what we feel for ourselves, in the natural attitude at least. “Love you neighbor as yourself”—self is the standard of the intinerent teacher of love. (Though the love talk is secondary to ass kicking that will be inflicted by the Son of Man. The easy complete love Jesus bandies is post-apocalyptic. )

“… and it was good!” the wind declared.

Then she knew. This was the best of all possible worlds. She was well-made, well-running, and her parents would support her until she either got married or got on the good career track. She had, in other word, NO EXCUSES.

Then, all of a sudden, the bars of the cell fell. And she heard the heart-penetrating blast of Gabriel’s horn. She transformed as her center exploded, and actually surpassed the encapsulation of her skin. She felt like an anime superhero, with overwhelming life-energy welling up and expanding out.

“I can do it!” she said. “I will do it!” she oathed.

“… and it was good!” the wind roared.

Tiny Baby, Ninenz: Her Story

Here it is with the best part … sound!

About the new Babies
The Niniz series consists of seven animals that live in an imaginary place called Snow Town. They are: Penda Jr, an alien red panda; Scappy, which used to be a polar bear but was cursed to turn into a rabbit; Kero and Berony, twin penguins that were separately adopted to the South and North Poles when young but met again at Snow Town; Jordy, a parasitic mushroom; Angmond, a harp seal that loves chocolate; and Cob and Bbanya, a bleached crow and a hippo that act like a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson duo.