Lucretius on the pussification of the modern human

Compare the modern human to the pre-cellphone people. Or how about the stronger ones of the 90s? And the stronger coke fighters of the 80s? And the even stronger psychedelics-graduated social critics of the 70s? And the sensitive avant-garde psychedelic poets of the 60s? And … back … back farther.

Teddy Rose...

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What is religion really?

It is the desire to find a picture that, just by looking at it, makes us feel infinitely better.

It is the search for informational opium. A picture. A story. An idea or concept or principle.

It is a shortcut omnibus solution that works merely by being perceived.

Idiots talk...

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History of Buddhism as reification of epistemic processualism

Look at how the meaning of vijñāna changed over time. In the earliest discourses, it simply means awareness of an object and discrimination of its components and aspects. And this consciousness, being sense consciousness, is of six types. But in its role as one of the five skandhas, its meaning h...

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Another rant on the Republican redefinition of “elite”

Four years have passed since Team Trump and his charmed Republican submissives decided to mimic his pretended anti-elitism by using “elite” to refer to educated friends of the working class.

Class resentment is real—a real force of good. Could the actual elite turn that resentment against the few political allies that ...

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Joyce Carol Oates defines “religion”

Oates was raised Catholic but as of 2007 was an atheist. In an interview with Commonweal magazine, Oates stated, “I think of religion as a kind of psychological manifestation of deep powers, deep imaginative, mysterious powers which are always with us.”

God used to be ...

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Voice–Soma Reversal Tech

A trick to make duty the guilty pleasure

When you don’t want to do something, your body rebels, it seems. What really happens is that your Voice says,

Do it, asshole!

And your body says,

Fuck you! Fuck off!


And herein lies the solution to the problem. It is the body that screams its will to negate. I...

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The marriage of marketing and profound wisdom

Sometimes bad ad copy can create a metaphysics
Yoga principles: Yoga makes it possible for every human to discover the [1] real purpose of life and their [2] own true nature. Through Yoga we are able to awaken these inner power centres and make them accessible. 

Terrible English. Chonglish-like English. Also, what does “these” refer to? Nothi...

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All this intelligent design stuff has a good missed premise

All this intelligent design stuff has a good missed premise

It seems that bio form is independent or behind the atomic stuff that fills it in. These little bits (it seems) are like iron filings—that is, they are being arranged not as the cumulative effect of simple laws on atomic s...

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