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Lucretius on the pussification of the modern human

Compare the modern human to the pre-cellphone people. Or how about the stronger ones of the 90s? And the stronger coke fighters of the 80s? And the even stronger psychedelics-graduated social critics of the 70s? And the sensitive avant-garde psychedelic poets of the 60s? And … back … back farther.

Teddy Rose...

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Can neurons break the rules?

What makes us think that brain cells are any less automatic than ligands signaling platelets to migrate towards a wound? Do you intend your ligands towards an unknown cut? And do you then intend them to secrete signal chemicals needed to attract a convention of platelets? Are you really the...

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The extent of magick

Magick, the causing of change in conformity with will, is self-evidently operative in certain domains. For example:

  • My will itself is an object under magickal control of my will. I can will myself to will one thing rather than another.
  • The imagination is under magickal control of my wil...
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Is freedom possible inside of true wavering?

At every moment, we feel that we choose freely in a way that works like this:

I see that I ought to do X. But the work involved might be more than I want to spend. But I could do it if I really wanted to. Though I might not—the c...
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The hero’s imperative

The hero’s imperative: Find something you care about so much that you would be happy to spend your entire life pursuing it. Find a goal that possesses you.

This is a privilege but it feels like a curse. If there is such a thing as a maximal vocation, and it i...

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Is agency prohibited by the PSR?

Bar biked away from the gym and I sat on the low wall outside and had a Buddhistic vision. I saw the principle of sufficient reason (PSR) running everything. Everywhere there were people walking. Apparently intentionally. I felt very relaxed after our workout, so their sharp, intentional movements struck...
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What if the self is nothing other than physical nature?

We all want to say that the self is a vital force that orchestrates the quantum events at the synapse or axon hillock—something that controls neural pathway firing and the bodily movement (including speech and thought) that this effects.

But what if the self is not a ghost running a...

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