BoxPress 2

Dear Tinderbox Users,

You have spent considerable time and effort cultivating your idea ecosystem. Whether you have nested and sequenced your notes into a traditional Outline, or spatially arranged and linked them into a colorful and illuminating Map, your Tinderbox Entity (TBE) is bound to be more than a just list or cluster of notes.

Your TBE is likely to be very rich with syntactic meaning:

  • Text is organized by paragraph order inside notes.
  • Notes are mobile blocks-with-headings that can be structured by order and nesting in Outline View.
  • Notes can be reduced to named polygons that you can shape, size, style, enclose (with adornments), and link in Map View.
  • Agents collect, sort, and modify notes based on queries.
  • Finally, all of these dimensions of structuring can be crisscrossed by hyperlinks, both text links and Basic Links.

A TBE is a thing of beauty and wonder that is meant to be shared and explored by others. Tinderbox has the potential to be the best hypermedia object construction kit in the world. But unless you have the time to build your own export system from scratch, all the structure, beauty, and complex interconnectivity you have crafted into your TBE will stay inside your TBX and hidden from the world.

What if you could translate your TBE into a self-contained hypertext and expositional map apparatus (SCHEMA) that could be shared with anyone? What if your export conveyed everythingall the nesting, mapping, prototyping, and linking that you put into it? Not the barebones HTML export that comes with Tinderbox, but a resplendent one that is reactive and exploratory and that captures—and even enhances—the beauty and complexity of the original TBE? And what if you could do this with a single click, without having to write a lick of code?

What if you went beyond that, and created a full-powered export system, like Scrivener’s, but with better control over layout and design? One that —

  • Lets you manage the page frame, layout, and granularity of your export via popup menu.
  • Lets you assign default layouts, backgrounds, and display expressions from Control Panels.
  • Loads and saves entire themes with a single click, with backgrounds managed from the Finder in Theme Folders .
  • Lists outgoing Basic Links automatically at the bottom of each exported page, and incoming ones optionally, via popup.
  • Lets you “code” your CSS by setting attributes in a WYSIWYG Dashboard.
  • Populates your navbar with dropdown menus simply by dragging aliases.
  • Converts your Map Views into clickable HTML Imagemaps.
  • Hands you a rich arsenal of 56 macros that let you embed anything: audio, bookmarks, buttons, images, HTML Imagemaps, other notes, styled blocks, video, and more—with simple and consistent syntax.

That day has come. Welcome to BoxPress—an export system as intelligent and flexible as Tinderbox.

Welcome to export heaven

Tinderbox’s missing export system

BoxPress Construction and Quick Start


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