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Trump, fascism, and race/class marketing

Germany and Italy were late to nationalism (and colonialism) and so went hardcore when the resources presented themselves.

Trumpers are the Italy and Germany of the US. It’s an image (or self-image) thing.

France and England have made a ton with colonial expansion. Now it’s our turn—and we are going to ou...
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Another rant on the Republican redefinition of “elite”

Four years have passed since Team Trump and his charmed Republican submissives decided to mimic his pretended anti-elitism by using “elite” to refer to educated friends of the working class.

Class resentment is real—a real force of good. Could the actual elite turn that resentment against the few political allies that ...

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Republican alchemy

Republicans dream of spinning substance out of spin—pure spin! But now that Trump’s in charge, they expect is so easily! Why won’t every government entity drink from Trump’s anal leak? Is he not Supreme Ruler?

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The truth about Social Conservatism

Republicans have managed to create an impossible group: workers that fight against themselves. Workers that vote to empower capital and weaken themselves. Higher takes on the poor. Expensive health care. Lower wages. Fewer worker benefits. Less job safety. Less job security (unions are communist and against the flag). Longer prison...

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The power of white women over cops

Q: If cops started shooting white women instead of black men for sport, would that motivate the elite (rich Republicans, their army of redneck dupes, and their collective Fox News forebrain) to man-up and push for law and order?

A: Two cops were caught red-handed doing just that—i.e., shooting a...

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How Trump redefined “elite”

Poor white Republicans (PWRs) hate rich smart people because they are rich, and resent them because they are smart. Trump hates rich smart people because they are smart, and likes them because they are rich. Trump and his dupes appear to have something in common.

Trump is popular because he...

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Terror time

From the NYT:

The Republicans’ effort received a fresh jolt from the release one night earlier of text messages exchanged last year between an F.B.I. agent, Peter Strzok, and an F.B.I. lawyer, Lisa Page, describing the possibility of an election victory by President Trump as “terrifying” and saying that Hillary Clint...
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A new Vision of Sorrow

Here’s the thing. The more you understand, the more you see the world as a multiplicity of parallel but barely interlocking concerns AND isolated subjective worlds that adopt these concerns.


Concerns are social universals—sharable kinds of meaning- and value-making. A concern is a way of tying your feeling (of ple...

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The Day Before (Trump)

The day before Trump I took the following screenshot:

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Then this happened. The most shocking moment in my election memory:

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

Trump has no chance, says official national sentience.

It was the moment when Florida showed Trump leading with...

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Prediction: Trump will be a Hitler in the far future

In the future we will look back on Trump as a watershed when America finally had its own real Hitler moment.

Hitler is a hard term of comparison—rarified and purified and unique. But, in his day, Hitler was not the God or ArchDevil that he is today. He was an e...

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America: Where the capitalists are spoiled, and the workers are morons

It is true that Hillary is a quasi-Republican and on the Pharaoh’s Payroh, but how the hell does this make Trump pro-labor? So, so stupid. This is the scam of our two party system—if it’s Hitler vs Cthulhu, we’re getting Hitler as president.

Apparently, Caucasoid Americans would rather be homeless and wit...

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The Breitbart hijacking of “elite” and the age of faith magick emoji politics

Two separate topics together in one barely coherent rant

The craziness of Breitbart and the Hoover “Institute.” These are lowbrows and misanthropes. Easy to penetrate. Their motivations is sociopathic. The very idea of protecting oppressed minorities is repulsive to them. Their empathic handicap is an axiom that they never mention. They hover near it, but never name it outright. The...

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How do Republicans ever get more than 1%?

The Arizona Republic has been getting death threats since its conservative editorial board endorsed Mrs. Clinton. You can read about it here.

What’s going on?

Just this. For the last 100 years, the Republicans have been using pseudo-issues to win elections. It just turns out that poor uneducated whites will v...

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Trump and so-called “populism”

Hillary is a good socially liberal Republican. She is squarely on the side of international capital. She’s just as racist as Trump, but she refrains from expressing it with South Park transparency.

Hillary is the candidate for the Democratic Party, which is supposed to side with labor over capital. But t...

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Hillary’s “entitlement”

What people hate about Hillary—which they call her “coronation”—is her easy, smarmy, relaxed, disdainful, arrogant entitlement.

How could she not win? It is the presumption of inevitability that angers people—regular people with low or no entitlement.

Now Trump is, biographically, way more entitled than Hillary. However, he can wear a basebal...

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Trump is not a redneck

The meaning of “heading in the wrong direction”

Yes. It’s true that the incumbent party candidate is in trouble when polls say that most people feel the “country is heading in the wrong direction.”

The reason workers are angry is that our government has been helping international capital rather than local lab...

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On “taking sides”

Imagine being in the Taliban, or in ISIS. And you’re there because there’s nothing else worth doing.

You want your life to be important.

Your tribe is poor and suffering. Improving life for your tribe would make you important. Helping the group gives you the highest objectivity. If you help the...

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