Crucial daily practice: Vipassana

Most general advice people give is either wrong or useless. But not this:

Do at least one Vipassana session daily.

  1. Those torso body sensations formerly known as emotions are torso body sensations as such.
  2. You can be aware of them in their original habitat as somatic feelings on a par with There is a buzzing in my leg or There is heat in my face.
  3. When we have sensations in our torso, suddenly we’re not like That’s a neck-and-chest vibration combo, but rather I’m fucked and my future is dire and all is lost.
  4. These meanings that go beyond mere physical description are invented; those sensations are not emotions.
  5. And what we call “I” is a bundle of five, all of whose components except one (samjña) are made of wavelets and not kernels.

Multiple times per day, do a Vipassana Report. Only thus can you untie the knots and twists of compulsion disguised as preference.