Is consciousness pervaded by the Urgrund?

Consider the understructure of the universe. Whatever this is, it pervades the whole of spacetime and everything within it. Now, realize that it must pervade consciousness as well. The understructure of matter and consciousness is also present in matter and consciousness. The container pervades the contained.

On DMT and Salvia, the pervading understructure “inside” consciousness, the bottomless, empty openness and illumination of the for-itself, manifests as a directly intuited presence. For most people, the only realm present for consciousness is the sense realm. But the understructure can be present for consciousness, and because we can com-prehend space, we can speculate that consciousness is orthogonal to 3-space. We refer to this orientation when we insist that consciousness is interior. Inwards is our silly and unimaginable analog of what is really either the fourth dimension or a series of dimensions higher than 3-space.

The orthogonal dimension that “supports” 3-space, the understructure of this three-dimensional surface, is consciousness itself. Consciousness is orthogonal to 3-space.

This is all just metaphor for our phenomenological experience, of course.