Can we contextualize 3-space without demoting it?

In most mystically inspired metaphysics, the physical universe is a fake, shallow, low-level, or otherwise inferior grade reality (e.g., Plato’s cave, Jewish fallenness, Descartes’ dream). The idea is not only that 3-space is less than the real, but also in some way detached from it.

How would your quality of life change if you affirmed that 3-space were part of the total reality but not separate from it?

For starters, you would see your life-situation in 3-space as a cross section of the really real. You would see your biological being, physical doing, and political-semantic having as cross sections. You would see the situation of your body (and every other physical blob) in 3-space is part of ultimate total reality.

The totality is a certain way, has a certain nature, exists as a particular, occupies particular values along every degree of freedom. And the three-dimensional manifestation of this thing is just this here now.

Things really are as they appear in 3-space, just not fully. But it’s still awesome to consider that fully real reality is such that one of its three-dimensional cross-sections is all this here now in our universe.