Why men should spit in public


Fara: Sexual drives pervade everything

CSH: “Take my ejaculate into your essence.” When I walk into a room, with spine straight and one eyebrow arched, I am saying: “Take my ejaculate into your essence” to everyone in the room.

The male attitude is one of semi-suicidal self-throwing, away from self and into the other. In the meiosis-plus-sex act, the male subtracts from his mass and gives you part of himself. The personality of the male should mimic this crucial act.

The female, on the other hand, receives others’ mass. The egg selects a sperm, reels it in, arrests it from its attempted escape, and then extracts its guts. My adoration of evil women, then, is no accident. The Vagina Dentata is a holy grail, not a hazard.

So the female attitude is one of entrapment, reception, and ingestion. While the male attitude is one of generosity, throwing bits of himself out into the environment.

The only passage from The Satanic Witch that I can remember takes the ejaculation/male personality analogy seriously:

An abundance of masculine development manifests itself in anything symbolically aggressive. Hence the dominant male will blow his nose and the feminine or passive male will sniffle or draw in. Through the mannerisms of the nose and its functions much can be told. The male trait is that of ejaculation, the female of drawing in—the penis as opposed to the vagina.
The more masculine one is, the more inclined he is to blow out through the nostrils. Men use more handkerchiefs for nose- blowing than do women for this reason. A predominantly “female” woman uses a handkerchief primarily for dabbing and will only blow her nose if she has a severe cold and then infrequently. A woman may shed tears profusely, but have to be told by her man to blow her nose, as she will sniffle until a handkerchief is proffered.
The term “sniveling” has long been associated with weakness, and the occasional misnomer, “weaker sex,” as applied to women, is immediately brought to mind. Actually, the “passive resistance” required to retain bodily waste requires more control, more constraint, and hence more work than the masculine trait of expulsion or ejaculation of excreta.
The more masculine traits a woman has, the more she blows her nose. A feminine man will sniffle and rarely use a handkerchief. This has nothing to do with homosexuality but with male/female principles and how they are balanced in the individual. Retention of bodily fluids is a female trait. This includes withholding nasal mucus, feces, urine—anything involving the carrying of or bearing of body wastes. Constipation is more common in women than in men, and during pregnancy, with its added factor of retention, constipation becomes even more frequent a problem.

Fara: You can’t absolve yourself from the guilt of your horniness just by …

CSH: I’m not talking about being horny. I’m talking about “the essential male attitude” which is one of giving off one’s own physical matter into another to receive. The male is putting part of itself inside the female. Even in the case of plants, we have sperm leaving the body in hopes of being consumed by an egg—an egg that chooses, entraps, and ingests the sperm. The egg is the judge. The female decides.

The sperm is the contestant. The sperm thrower is a person who takes a chunk of himself and throws it at the female. I’m not even talking about being horny. I’m talking about modeling personalty on sperm and egg behavior. Accordingly, men should publicly spit, urinate, defecate, blow their nose, speak, and appear as much as possible. While women should be mysterious, selective, and judgmental.

Fara: But you’re making your sex desire sound like you’re the passive one.

CSH: I’m not talking about sex desire I’m talking about the geometry and movement of fertilization. The sperm leaves the male and goes to the female. That’s it. One is giving-off and leaving; the other, opening and receiving. The male unit takes a piece of itself and throws it out into space. The female unit is like a Pac-Man that opens up and eats it.

All male behavior should be ejaculatory. All female behavior should be receptive.