Whole Foods vs the nazis

I was just listening to NPR. Fake-wispy voiced female babbling about the power of the “stories in our national parks” and how these stories will CHANGE society by ending racism, building bridges, etc.

Normally I would piss on this for being irrelevant or counter-revolutionary. We have institutional (gun-backed) racist genocide, and also non-racist sport killing of Americans by cops (where by sport I mean to include both fun and therapy). Seeing black kids hugging cops at a national park not only isn’t going to do shit, it also also likely to DELAY actual change by providing a false readout.

This is the power of the media. Versus the omnipresence of the media, a national park is as powerful as a sequestered copy of Das Kapital.

The method of media:

  1. Find the rarest and most upsettings crime and repeatedly play them 24/7 on 6 billion screens to make us want police “protection.”
  2. Find the rarest and most heartwarming hugs between slave and master and repeatedly play them 24/7 on 6 billion screens to make us believe that power is compassionate.
  3. Or show that if whites accept a 10% increase in police abuse, blacks will get a 50% increase. Studies show that people are happy to lose privileges as long as others lose even more.

This dumb, soft-spoken, comfortable, pseudo-progressive “in the soft-still voice of the national parks you will discover a secret narrative of deep and real feeling and stories of peoples bringing families together” NPR ooze-wad actually said,

I saw White children skipping rocks at Mexican children. And thereafter did I see Mexican children throwing them back. And their parents were watching. Our country is coming together.

To which the host then responded, in her equally fake whisper voice,

Mmmm. Yes. There is a very warm healing of families going on as different peoples come together in tender communities, very often togetherly crafting local communities or farmers markets very often planting the seedlings that become the fabric of our small family communities and cultures of acceptance and love. And the children. And the peoples.

… or something like that. But I suspect that the middling intelligence behind the whisper realized that the warm stone skipping moment would sell well as toilet paper, for poor white race-solutionists.


The problem is the post-Trump resurgence of race-solutionism, the idea (promoted by the ruling class for the sake of divide-and-conquer) that poor white people are poor because poor non-whites took their jobs. Genocide of blacks by police is now patriotic. Rednecks voted-in their own worst enemy because he pretended to be a race-solutionist. Rednecks will vote for the Republicans who most despise them because,

He talks like he hates darkies as much as we do. No more welfare for the niggers. And the wetbacks are gonna be deported. Our taxes won’t be helping niggers and our jobs will be back—and we’ll be happy again. What’s that you say? Yeah, Trump is a capitalist. Oh yeah, our loss is his gain. Yeah, we’ll probably be poorer, and definitely won’t get healthcare—but at least the niggers will have less than us. Like it used to be in the good old days.

But I suppose there is one way that videos of black kids hugging their executioners in national parks might do some good and not just paint-over the current fantasies of patriotic darkie genocide:

Selfies by fake liberals.

Fake liberals like social causes because the look good. And by looking good I mean actually looking good. Today, who you are is how you look online. A person is neither body, nor social relations, nor property. A person is her online avatar—her Facebook self. If photos of happy Mexican kids skipping rocks with White kids is GOOD, then Central Market and Whole Foods shoppers will want darkies in their selfies. And soon thereafter marketers will include them in their in-store posters. And then it will be legitimate, for when an image has appeared in an advertisement, it means that the GOOD of that image has become legitimate. Other shoppers will see this, and then they will want darkies in their selfies. And then darkies (well, the posters and JPEGs) will be happy, although the real ones will still be miserable.

Moral norms can be manufactured now by online views. If everyone loves image X, marketers will endorse it and elevate it to Absolute by including it in their advertising. And we all know instinctively that anything used in an ad must already look good, otherwise why would the ad agency use it?

Remember the saturation principle:

  • When an image or attitude appears in a commercial, it has already reached saturation and is no longer effective as a change promoter.