When snowflake cops murder

Warning: Ultra-disturbing video below

The video below shows a naked white man crying and quivering while crawling on his knees. He is in a hotel hallway and a cop is screaming at him with an urgency that makes no sense and portends that cop bloodlust will soon be slaked. The victim is Daniel Shaver, and he is known to be unarmed.

Murder is illegal in America. Yet here is a video of a Philippines-style execution. No different from walking up to a person and blowing his brains out for fun or catharsis, filming it, and broadcasting it to let the people know that murder is fine if you’ve got a badge. The worst thing about American Republicans is that it breeds corruption like this so quickly. It’s a character imbalance. Some primate are just overly prone to fawn over and ingratiate Separate Power unconditionally.

Philip Brailsford murders Daniel Shaver

Murdering for pride


The video below shows a sobbing and unarmed white man on his hands and knees doing a very admirable job following the orders of a furious manic and power-delirious cop clearly itching to kill him. As usual with cop video footage, the urgency in the cop’s commands belies a totally incongruous situation. At every moment of his ordeal, Daniel Shaver is submissive and compliant. But from the cries of the crazed cop and his incomprehensibly complicated commands to Crawl!, you would never guess this. It is clear to anyone seeing the combination of docile cooperation and rage-filled barking that Shaver, who is known to be unarmed, is going to die.

Crawling on his hands and knees and wearing nothing but T-shirt, Daniel Shaver clearly not a threat. Moreover, is obvious that he is desperate to please the maniac screaming at him. As he crawls, his shorts begin to fall. Shaver, like any normal person, moves his hand to pull them up.

The murderer is Philip “Mitch” Brailsford. He knew both that Shaver was unarmed and saw that there was nothing in his hand as he placed it back on the floor.

Here it is:

Why did he do it? As the killer’s former roommate [CL] later told the NYT,

[Brailsford] knew that Shaver had no weapon. Shaver wasn’t killed for being a threat. He was killed because Mitch is an arrogant snowflake. Combine that with the face that police brutality is legal in America, and you’ve got a sport shooting on your hands. You can’t reform sociopaths, but you can at least promise to punish it. But in America, the law promises not to punish. Trigger-happy bullies know this. Hell, it’s the reason they joined the academy.

The NYT asked CL how this video is different to the many others where the victim is black:

Sport shooting blacks is widespread and pretty much legal now. But killing an unarmed white guy? In his underwear as he’s crawling on the floor crying? That’s unsportsmanlike. Also, it’s pretty risky. If Bill Montgomery hadn’t taken the case, I don’t know what would have happened to Mitch.

Why was Shaver murdered?

Daniel Shaver was killed, not for being a threat, but for hurting Brailsford’s feelings—basically, for not following orders. According to the official report, Shaver was killed because he “didn't follow protocol.” Brailsford wanted Shaver to make a mistake, any mistake, in order to make killing him permissible. “He had a choice. We told him what to do. He chose not to follow orders. It was his choice.”

What we have here is nothing but Simon Says with murder—instead of You’re out!—as the penalty. The other difference is that Simon Says … is replaced with “Do what I say, bitch … or I’ll kill you.”

Was there a way out?

Q: What if Daniel had not stopped his shorts from falling off? What if he kept crawling until he was tangled and couldn’t move without breaking the rules?

Do NOT expose yourself! Do N … BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG.

Q: And at the point when the shorts fell past his knees, so that he was required to stop?

Keep moving! Keeping moving! Move NOW! Don’t stop! Don’t st … BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG.

CL sees it as a political issue:

Why are American cops worse than Filipino cops? It’s because police chiefs trade favors with state attorneys. They both have the jobs they do in order to curry favor with power, even power that is plainly antagonistic towards their own class, race, and gender. Republicans not only accept bribes and favor trading—they normalize it around them. They nurture corruption because they think that everyone is as misanthropic as they are. When you know you are above the law, you tend to act that way.

As you may have guessed, Brailsford indeed got away with murder despite the irrefutable video evidence. This happened, once again, thanks to a corrupt government attorney—in this case, corrupt County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Montgomery, who was supposed to prosecute the case, saw an opportunity to build up some favor credit. So he took it upon himself to capriciously reduce the original charge from second degree murder to negligent homicide. The killer was taken off the hook by the prosecutor before trial. That’s a great recruitment tool for sadists who might be concerned that the justice system might interfere with giving their fancy free rein. (Accessories to murder take note—in Maricopa County, Arizona, you can ply your trade by pretending to be a County Attorney!)

Two months later, Laney Sweet—the wife of the victim—met with the corrupt, sold-out, blow-job-for-a-favor non-prosecutor. Montgomery told Sweet two things: (1) he was letting her husband’s killer off even before the trial, and (2) she would not be allowed to tell anyone about the video. Here’s a recording of the conversation: