When is murder fun?

Warning: Ultra-disturbing video below

My BB gun Christmas

Warning: Ultra-disturbing video below

When I was 11, I got a BB gun for Christmas. Along with a Panasonic Platinum ghetto blaster, a Queen The Game cassette, and a Blondie Autoamerican cassette.

A BB gun.

When you have a gun, you want to shoot something. For those of you who have never shot anything, it’s a special delight. You are here, and over there—far away—is something small. Common sense says that a tiny far-away thing cannot be affected by you. Common sense says that your power only extends to the edge of your skin. But a gun is a magic missile—with the tiniest movement of your finger you can touch a tiny far-away thing. Feeling your power go way beyond your skin is elating. Your reach is immense. All of space in a 50 yard radius is touchable.

Is shooting tiny far-away targets easy? No, and this is precisely what making shooting a sport. Shooting big nearby things is boring.

Hungry to meet a shooting challenge, I loaded my rifle, opened the front door, and looked around at what I might shoot. My first target: the stop sign in front the Zeppa’s house. It was quite fun, but not fun enough. The terrible urge to shoot a tiny far-away thing was growing fast. Days later, despite already hating myself even before I pulled the trigger, I shot a bird on sitting on the telephone line. I cried my eyes out, got a shovel, buried the bird, and said a prayer. And that was the end of my killing spree.

Corey Sasser and Todd Simpson murder Caroline Small

Murder for sport


When cops shoot people for fun

The video below shows a woman who is trapped in a car that cannot move. Not only have the cops already destroyed her tires, her car is trapped between two other cars and a tree. All she can do is rock it back and forth by spinning her rims in forward and reverse. Nobody outside the car is in danger.

Outside the car are Corey Sasser and Todd Simpson—two cops itching to shoot. Their victim-to-be is the woman in the car, Caroline Small. She’s a terrible target for anyone wanting to demonstrate shooting skill. But as I learned when I was 11, when you have a gun, any target will satisfy the urge to shoot.

What would you do? Imagine that you have a gun. In front of you is an attractive woman trapped in a car. You like killing attractive women and it would be impossible to miss. Could you get away with it? Her current threat level is zero. What about previous violent acts? Zero. All she did was ignore a cop that tried to “investigate” her act, a few minutes before, of sitting in her car at the shopping mall.

No matter: you know that being a cop gives you permission to kill without cause. But this situation feels different. She’s unarmed, immobile, trapped, and caucasian. Could you really just shoot her in the face and get away with it?

Sasser and Simpson decided they could. But before they did, something remarkable happened. A Georgia State Patrol Trooper—who was apparently not interested in sport shooting that day—approached her door like any normal person and offered to simply pull her out of her car. Sasser and Simpson, incredibly, seeing that their fun was about to end, actually told him not to do it.

And then Simpson made an announcement that must have sounded noble and sane in cop-speak:

If she moves the car, I’m going to shoot her.

Was it a joke? The car was already moving—wobbling back and forth in its cage. She was already in violation of his ridiculous “no pitiful rocking” command. Therefore, he had the right to shoot.

So Sasser and Simpson shot her in the head eight times. After that, they did what any normal person would do. They cheerfully compared their marksmanship and told the EMT who came to care for her to go away. Too sadistic for a Quentin Tarantino film yet here it is in reality:

Simpson: “Where did you hit her?”

Sasser: “I hit her right in the face.”

Simpson: “I watched the bridge of her nose. I pulled the trigger and I watched it hit her at the same time I think I fired.”

Their high school fishing buddies would have been totally impressed.

When an EMT came to her to offer help, Simpson shooed him away, denying the woman medical treatment. As a result of their target fun and paramedic blocking, Caroline remained alive but unconscious for seven more days and then died.

They got away with it because their department interfered with the GBI investigation. And they tampered with the evidence—including “losing” one of the police cars that blocked her in the video and making an animation of her running them over. And the DA shared all her evidence and made a secret deal with them two months before trial. In other words, they were let go.

What about the video? Well, GBI agents are naturally inclined to side with cops that murder for fun. GBI agent Mike McDaniel is super cop-friendly. But he called the shooting “the worst one I’ve ever investigated.”

David Perry, the DA assigned to prosecute the case, told the investigators prior to viewing the video he was pro-law enforcement and skeptical that the officers had done anything wrong. But after he watched the video he said, “We’re going to have to take this to a grand jury. This is bad.”

Where do you find this kind of injustice? North Korea, China, Russia, the Philippines, or any of the ridiculous outlaw countries in Africa. Lots of places still. Well, when it comes to killer cops, America is in the same basket. They can kill literally for fun and it’s still OK.

Even though both of the watchdogs saw and knew that the killers were guilty, they let them off. Under no circumstances can a cop be found guilty of murder even when there is inconvertible evidence, and even when it’s admitted. Cops are demigods in America. No one else can openly murder, get caught on video, and still walk away.

There are no cops to oversee the cops that kill for pleasure. The police chiefs are the worst watchdogs of all because they understand. People who want to become cops do so in order to kill legally. If you think that’s false, you need to consider what it’s like to go through police training. You are training to kill; and you have to want to kill in order to pass.

When you go to cooking school you practice-cook so you can real-cook. When you go to killing school, you practice-kill to you can real-kill. You know where you’re heading after 20 weeks to 6 months of practice. If this is a job that you want, it must also a job that you want.

The police chief protected the killers by writing a letter of recommendation to Gov. Sonny Perdue for the new DA, Jackie Johnson. She was competing with Perry for the job of head DA and told Chief Matt Doering that she would let the killers go if he wrote her a letter of recommendation to Gov. Sonny Perdue.

She got the job. And then fired Perry. And then cut a deal with the two officers: if they agreed not to ask for a 15-day advance notice of indictment, she promised not to offer an indictment for grand jurors to consider. Then, and most incredibly, Johnson shared the state’s case and evidence with the officers’ attorneys two months before the grand jury met.

She also made an animated “reenactment” video for the grand jury that left out the police car that blocked Caroline and had her ramming into the cops!

Johnson’s promise was kept: when a grand juror asked about available charges, he was told there were none, just a determination if the officers were justified in shooting Small.

Result: they got off. When the grand jurors were dismissed, half of them hugged officers Sasser and Simpson on the way out.

The law is not for all in America. When it comes to police corruption, America is no different than Mexico or the Philippines.

Thanks to brave reporters Brad Schrade and Jodie Fleischer for risking their lives to reveal this story. You can read the full account here.

Back to the BB gun

I learned something when I murdered that kind and defenseless bird. I learned that having the ability to shoot something makes you want to shoot. Having a gun makes you likely to use it. Having a tool that does X makes you more likely to do X.

After I killed that bird, I never shot another living thing. But some people enjoy hurting. We have functions in society that are ready for them: cop, soldier, and prison guard. Killing, maiming, beating, and torturing are still job options in America.

Many cops are cops because they are sociopathic—that is, they hate people generally. People that hate others generally know they can make a living exercising their passion to kill people. Giving gun stop people who want to kill people for a living is a bad idea.

I understand that some humans need to hurt or kill in order to feel good. But for fucksakes don’t let them become cops or prison guards. These people get away with murder every day (and get paid for it).

For more videos of evil cops murdering Americans for fun and sport, click here. One of the best shows a naked white man crying and quivering and known to be unarmed. Crawling, crying, naked, unarmed, quivering, he moved his hand towards an invisible gun in an invisible holster on an invisible belt and was shot.