The “I can look it up” atoms will make Habermas molecules soon

People! We are changing in a big way and the only thing we can consciously discern is increased look-up satisfaction. A question comes to mind, and nowadays we have a certain feeling: I can know the truth in a few seconds. We’re different because we know we can easily look shit up.

Before the Internet, people knew they had a lot of work ahead if they wanted to know the answer to some special question. Before all-you-had-to-do-is-this [catatonic, hunched back, wrists palsy-curled, and only typing movements], people knew they didn’t have the desire to find something out, and this changed their feeling, willing, and action in ways that once made-up the so-called real world.

The feeling that goes with “I can know the truth in a few seconds” increases another feeling. And this one is political and the effects are social and emergent. The instant feeling of confidence that you can know the truth often leads to looking it up and sharing the truth. This will change political organization and power.