Meet the guy who plagarizes Wikipedia for a living

As you all know by now, I’m fascinated by self-reinstating principles. So today I typed "self-reinstating" metaphysics into Google and here’s what I got:

My first step on this strange journey.

The top result is a book entitled Metaphysics: Facts and Fallacies. It’s the top result! It must be an undergraduate textbook. I look inside, and the passages are incredibly well written. His descriptions are succinct and clear and the organization is superb. The author is a genius!

But I notice something odd—the text is all boldface. And then I realize that there are no footnotes.

All the text looks like this.

Then I click on the book icon and discover that the cover image is pixelated and looks like utter crap. And the title is bizarre—if there is any sphere in inquiry where “facts and fallacies” does not apply, it is metaphysics. Also, the title is in ALL CAPS:


The author is not only a genius but also a creative genius, and apparently so esteemed that the publisher caves in to his eccentric stylistic choices.

Who is this guy? And where does he teach? To learn more, I click on the Amazon link, which takes me to the book on the Amazon website:

We’re in Amazon now.

And then I click on his name and discover that he’s authored 125 books on every possible subject. A supra-genius!

He’s very prolific, and knowledgeable about every subject.
He’s very prolific, and knowledgeable about every subject.
And I mean every subject. Click the image to go to the site.
And I mean every subject. Click the image to go to the site.

Again, most of the titles are in ALL CAPS. One of them, CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN I.T., is extremely popular. A used copy sells for $3,030.99:

This book is exceptionally valuable.

As an experiment, I copy and paste a few words from the metaphysics textbook into Google to see if he’s been cited elsewhere:

This book is exceptionally valuable.

Lo and behold, his entire book is a copy-and-paste of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. His. Entire. Book. I look in his other books and find that the bracketed footnotes found in Wikipedia are all over the place in his other books. He just keeps them in there, no problem. He self-publishes using

So today I learned … that outright and undisguised plagiarism is a way to make a living. Too see all the Wikipedia topics he has written copied and pasted, click here.