Duran Duran made bottoming cool

… and revealed a deeply occult alchemical secret

Duran Duran was the most important culture-changing life form of 1980s America because they made faggy cool.

Everyone both loves and cringes when Simon LeBon goes ahhhhh!?—in that ultra-faggy upswinging and nasal pitch. You know the thing. It’s too much faggy and too much sexy at the same time, and it disrupts teen male nervous systems. We all know what it signifies, but we’re too afraid to excavate it plainly. Simon is emulating an orgasm, and he proves that the essence of male orgasm is also feminine

The Simon LeBon faggy upswinging whine was the most powerful and radical rupture in the meaning of gender identity in 1980s America. They were, and are, the gayest looking band of all time. But they were straight, and adored by women, and many straight men took the tip to heart.

Duran Duran thus made gender fluidity cool and mainstream. But I believe that the Simon LeBon faggy orgasm-grunt holds more … much more. Professor Performance Artist LeBon is telling us:

I am a sex god and I sound like this when I come. There is a feeling that causes (or melds with) the sound, and it is surely feminine (yielding like a bottom). Real men are joyful bottoms when they come and if they had courage their grunt would be this faggy yelp.

At the peak of orgasm, men are gay—they are gay ontologically, they desire domination by the death and the other as death dealer, and they enjoy their gay status. This last part seems detachable but it’s not—if there is consciousness at orgasm, it is apperceptive and includes itself as subject and so enjoys third-person and objective (and objectifying) awareness of itself as being topped by death/the lover.

We secretly want to get all gay in the sense of being overwhelmed at the tip of the explosion.

But is the sounding-out really necessary? I believe that the sounding-out is a communication to the lover, saying, “Oops! Look what you made me do,” as you shoot yourself with glee from lust to see-lick-suck-drink-eat the other. Maybe the gay groan is like a confession to the partner,

I’m too weak to stop it and here is how I sound as I dissolve. This shuddering wave—aka, intentionally, you—are stronger than I am. You win! The pleasure is going to atomize me and I want it to! I will be replaced by emptiness just as the vacancy in your pussy is bulldozed away by my cock. You are finally another soul for me, because only another soul could penetrate, invade, and replace my “I” with god-knows-what because all of me is happily dying. The pleasure is bulldozing me. It is agent; I am patient. Finally, at the moment of death, my secret is revealed—my secret wish is to be less to your more. I am woman.

The giving-way-to orgasm is a being-replaced, a being-overwhelmed. And for geometrical reasons we see replacement of X by Y as the penetration of X by Y, the yielding of X to Y, the domination of X by Y. Letting yourself go, fully, in orgasm, is, in fact, a feminine moment.

Men: Here is you climax inner man.
Men: Here is you climax inner man.