Chain letter ghost ethics



[Editor’s note: This is what happens when you talk over someone and guess what they’re taking about from a handful of words, instead of listening to them. I have a bad habit of doing this.]

CSH: So we’re talking about chain letters. And you are angry at the person who sent you chain letters because you believe in the Chain Letter Curse. But for me it’s an opportunity to exercise my mental power. It’s like someone saying, “Let’s fight!” And I’m like, “OK!” Am I stronger than the ghost? So it’s like a ghost challenge. Ghost challenge is fun.

You enjoy challenges with your friends. What’s the difference between ghost challenge and, like, boxing with your friends?

Juntao: That’s different! It’s like my friend is setting me up to benefit himself.

CSH: But you also get a benefit if you send it to three people. So he’s actually giving you an opportunity.

Juntao: No!

CSH: He’s giving your the opportunity to suffer or to succeed.

Juntao: No. He’s trying to put me into a situation. I have to set up my friend.

CSH: Oh I see. It’s rude because now you have to bother your friend.

Juntao: Yes! So I think he’s a bad friend …

CSH: I see what you’re saying. Very good. That’s a good point. That’s good. Thank you for that.

Juntao: So he put me into a situation: I have to set up my friend or I have to set up my family, if the message is about family. So usually, when I got that kind of message I just deleted it.

CSH: That’s what I mean! Now you’re fighting the ghost!

Juntao: But I hate the person, if like, if you are …

CSH: That’s because you believe the ghost! The only difference is that you believe in the ghost and I don’t.

Juntao: I mean, if the friend doesn’t believe the ghost why would he try to send you the message?

CSH: So you’re saying that your belief depends on someone else’s belief.

Juntao: I mean just like a …

CSH: No. I was just asking about you. Why do you believe the ghost?

Juntao: I don’t believe the ghost! I just thinking—what do I mean to my friend? He believes the ghost.

CSH: You’re not responsible for that. That’s not your responsibility. You’re worried about … Oh that’s right I forgot you’re crazy. You worry about things you can’t have any influence on, that you can’t control. You like to worry so you choose things outside the horizon of possible impact.

Juntao: Could you just not be so subjective? Let’s be objective. This is an evaluation of a friend.

CSH: I understand that part. However, it bothered you because you thought it was a real curse.

Juntao: Can you show me your father’s picture?