Admiration is the gold standard of value. It is the determinant of the highest pleasure.

Admiration is spontaneous, gut-level love but going outwards as a bath that wants to be seen as a giving-up of life-force to another as a gift of genuine love.

Of all the pleasures the monkey brain can induce (secrete), the one triggered by admiration yields the highest pleasure. Which explains why everyone admires the role of philosopher, arbitrator of the rational and objective ought. Why? Because reality is just the ontological side-effect of intersubjective agreement, or objectivity. One admires only what one takes as objectively valuable.

So if you wield agreement, you wield truth.

How do we validate value?

  1. We can reflect, weigh, and then assert that something has high value.
  2. We can really want something. Hunger for it.

Admiration is an unintentional gushing of real feeling—value of the second type, above. It arises uncontrolledly.