What about time?

What about time?

Why time (change)?

Why not the sublimely blissful experience of the boundless, pure consciousness that is both unity of spiritual essence and ultimate ontic reality? Why not the indescribable, unitary, ultimate, unchanging, panpsychic reality of Brahman?

Why time?

Because only time (motion) lets one (infinitesimal point of view) span (participate in) many (states, places). If you reduce being to the local point, it can regain its original infinity only slowly and incrementally. Apparently, this process of epistemic withdrawal (forgetting, ignorance, encapsulation, placement, and reduction to the single conical point-of-view on an infinite unknown exterior) and subsequent (re)education is valuable.

How? How does the blanket of night and ultra-limited world-line knowledge impart value to the original omniscience and perfect truth (non-thetic truth by subject–object identity)?

Why? Why is it just this kind of education that is instituted? Why not infinite unmoving perfection at beginning, middle, and end? Why the painful middle?