Scientology’s Extroversion Tech

People with compulsive social anxiety, and people who call themselves “skittish” and “shy” are dealing with feelings—sensations. Specifically, they compulsively feel a fear-pain in their abdomen when in the presence of others. Butterflies. Stage fright. I just wanted to point out that the thing, the concrete motivator, is a biological motivator meant for movement. Feeling is urge to move, not a substantial fact.

So—Why is being outdoors with other bodies a problem?

Apparently, it is.

For all of LRH’s flaws, he had a genius for working on his own insecurities with low-brow sci-fi placebo exercises, called Scientology drills. They are placebo exercises that, because they intend to solve problem X, solve problem X in belief, and to some degree willing and feeling tend to accommodate.

But look at where LRH puts his being-with-bodies drill—it’s in OT I. Welcome to your OT levels!

No OT scholars have suggested this interpretation. We need to remember, especially from reading The Confessions, that LRH produced so much material because he discovered the recalcitrance of his own insecurity. So much of self, in its natural state, is plagued with pessimism, weakness, doubt, desire for comfort and isolation, regret, and lack of social support and influence.

From samsara (compulsion) to Clear

The Clear Cognition, which is the climax of the original Dianetics-Scientology system, is the prajna-grade realization that you are continually mocking-up your Reactive Mind. The Reactive Mind is your autonomic fear system. It creates feelings and images that promote more such feelings. It is the effect of samskaras on samjña and vedana.

OT I through OT VIII

But then LRH realized that finished clients don’t pay, so he demoted the state of Clear to first grade. So he created eight more levels—OT I through OT VIII—and these in turn only take you to (1) knowing what you are not and being ready to know who you are, and (2) having OT (magickal) abilities only on the first of eight dynamics. That is the EP of OT VIII.

OT IX through OT XV

But there are seven more dynamics of selfhood. The self is not just the body-self, but also a shared DNA-self (family-self), a social group-self, a human species being-self, a biological organism-self, a physical matter-self, a Brahman or universal consciousness-self, and finally an Urgrund or God-self. So there are then seven more levels after OT VIII, which enable your magickal efficacy on the other seven dynamics.

(By the time you finish OT I, you will have paid $262,133.25.)

OT I revealed

Well, look at what the first power that you rehabilitate after going Clear. It’s being-for-others. Social anxiety. The drill consists of walking about and counting people until one has a “win.”. The EP (End Phenomena [sic]), or resultant revelation from the drill, is:

EP: To extrovert a being, and bring about an awareness of himself in relation to others and the physical universe.

The first drill (of 13 total) is:

1. Walk around and count bodies until you have a cognition. Make a report saying how many you counted and your cognition.

There are then 12 more drills like this one—counting humans by type; switching between cognizing a crowd as a whole and as bodies; spotting “things and people” that you are not; then as things that you can have; noting an ugly feature of yourself and then spotting it in others; spotting things “not wrong” with others; then watching people walk towards you, and others away, and repeat; notice how people “stick to the ground”; notice spans of space empty of people; notice spans of space that contain people.

Objectifying people and seeing self as both above them and as unobjectionable based on appearance. It’s an appearance and objectivity fest that identifies self with transcendent and object-making awareness. The “result” is extroversion. You are now the Apollonian eye in the sky; other people are things; you are 100% for-itself consciousness, and not an (unattractive) object for others. Not bad!

From the advert:

This Solo-audited level is the first step a Clear takes toward full OT abilities, and that first step is a fresh causative OT viewpoint of the MEST universe and other beings.

Click here to see the original OT I in LRH’s handwriting! (Skip to the last page to see all 13 drills in legible type.)

OT I is pro-Existentialism

One more point: Being Clear leaves you open and clean and ready to use reason to move your voluntary future-making acts (thought, speech, movement) instead of your samskaras. You realize that the interpretation-constructed world and self are empty and meaningless. Reality is what you make it by choice. It is the revelation of Existentialism.

But then, what should you will (and who should you be, since the deepest self is the will)? What ought you to do with your restored volitional freedom?

I would expect that the next OT levels, which immediately follow this revelation, will address this question. And what’s the first thing you do? Are you taught to access the self-essence discovery zone? No. There is no positive answer given. What you do is confront the source of given, ready-made purposes. You “handle” the They—Heidegger’s das Man. You are still undefined. You simply ensure that you do not absorb your essence from the world.

Which is what we normally do. Every day we awake with Who am I? followed by a project for our lives. If you don’t have one, and you’re a normal primate, what do you do? You ask others. You take a quorum. You find an expert, and the best expert is always consensus. What do the majority or the authorities say?

So LRH has some advice to give: build powers that strengthen your outwards flow to realize whatever-you-are, but whatever you do, don’t adopt a ready-made self from das Man.

And look at the emphasis on space. The principle of spatial habitation is the basis of das Man, which is the basis of meaning and value. If you get that space is also your construction, then you are double removed from contamination by artificial essences.

Here’s an even deeper take. The selfish life-urge in the organism is an an outward-moving survival impulse. When Theta (spirit) gets into MEST (matter), it arrives as a vastly dispersed collection of corpuscles. Self is born as multiple and corpuscular. The self is born in space.

Well, It’s a short step from there to I am an object determined by the laws of physics. A Newtonian object—blind and inert. And embedded inside Laplacian determinism—unfree.

This is unhealthy for anyone. Even if it’s true. Better to buttress the aspects of transcendence that can be detected in ordinary cognition. Take your phenomenal transcendence—cognition of bodies and space makes you outside them—and use that to encourage your practical choices.